A Prayer for Blessings in Health

Dear Father in Heaven,

My lips will forever sing Your praises.

There is nothing is this world like You.

I pray that my faith and trust in Your sovereignty will remain sturdy.

Lord, for the past years of living with this global pandemic has been challenging for all of us.

There has been a constant anxiety and fear that I face every day.

But unto You, oh Lord, I entrust my life.

Today, I pray for a blessing of health over my life.

I pray for You to bless my physical health, that I may be covered from any sickness or diseases.

I pray for You to bless my emotional health, that I may be reminded that You love me and care for me.

I pray for You to bless my mental health, that I may be in peace with the truth that You are in control.

I pray for You to bless my spiritual health, that I may be in tuned in Your call and purpose over my life.

You are our great Healer.

I put my overall health in the palm of Your hands because You have carried me through everything, and You will not leave me now.

Lord, I also pray for those who are sick that needs healing.

I pray for those who have given up hope and did not think anyone could help them anymore.

Bless them through Your power so they may glorify and worship You.

You alone are a God that lives.

I pray and ask all these in Jesus’ Name

Amen 🙏

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