A Prayer to Guard Against the Evil One

Dear Father in Heaven,
You are a loving, good, and a faithful God.

You have promised Your children hope and a future.

But the evil one prowls like a roaring lion, seeking someone who it may devour.

He is like a thief in the night who comes only to steal, kill, and destroy.

Therefore, I pray for You to be with me.

I pray for You to give me strength and guard me.

I pray for Your angels to encamp around me.

And I pray no weapon will prosper that was and will be formed against me.

May all who desire and wish me evil will be put to shame.

And let Your righteousness be established in me.

I thank You, Lord, for the power of Your word that is sharper than any two-edged sword.

Therefore, I will put on Your helmet of salvation and Your full armor.

And help me read, pray, study, and fast.

So, when the day of the evil comes, I may stand my ground.

I thank You for You have given me the keys.

You have given me the authority against the enemy.

So, I will speak with boldness, and I will not be afraid
because You will deliver me and have given me the victory.

Keep my feet from every evil path so in Your word I may obey.

Lord, preserve me, for You are my great defense.

I am the apple of Your eye, while You are my King and my Father – the holiest one of all!

In Jesus’ name, I pray,
Amen 🙏

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