A Prayer of Ultimate Love on Valentines 💗

Dear Father in Heaven,

I thank you for today as a reminder of your love for me.

As I go around to spread my love to those close to me, let me never forget that it was you who first loved me.

May we also love ourselves so we will know how to give the right love to others.

For love paves a way so that many beautiful things God has willed will come forth in our lives.

Encourage us to receive this amazing blessing and pour it out responsibly for others.

We know love is not only limited to lovers but also applies to any relationships that we have.

Therefore, St. Valentine, help me give love to my family and friends by showing respect, support, gratitude, and trust.

Help me give an everlasting and enduring love to my partner through thick and thin.

Help me be passionate and be romantic to give spark to our relationship.

Let me also recognize my self-worth and acknowledge my needs and wants.

Help me be in an environment where I can take care of my well-being and where my voice is not being shut.

And most importantly, let me remember the fatherly love that God has given unto us.

This sacrificial love where He did on the cross on our behalf for us to be with Him until eternity.

It was the highest form of love anyone could give, and I am so blessed to receive it.

So, help me follow it by giving this same love to others without expecting something in return.

May you shut down the spirit of hate, anger, bitterness, jealousy and replace it with forgiveness with reproach, understanding, and second chances.

Help me to be a joy to those around me, and spread love to them on this very day.

May we bring glory to our Father in heaven,

This I pray to in the most precious name of Jesus Christ our Lord,

St. Valentine, please pray for us.

Amen 🙏

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