A Prayer for a Close Friend

Dear Friend,

You are special to me, therefore I want to pray for blessings upon your life.

I pray you may have a lifestyle of pure and holy relationship with God.

I pray that your confession and repentance,
may bring forgiveness of your sins and direction for your life.

And I pray for your heart to be ready and expectant of His miracles and abundance.

May you be reminded that God has greater plans for you than any dream you have for yourself.

May you put Him first and completely surrender to His plans for you to reach your full potential.

And may you trust in Him and acknowledge that without God,
you will be helpless even though you have us.

When you are hard-pressed on every side, may God give you strength and courage to go through.

May He give you grace and mercy to because He understands you.

May He grant you wisdom to have the best decisions to choose.

May He protect and keep you from all harm and disasters.

And may He bless the works of Your hands and prosper You in all that You do.

May you feel God’s love for you.

He is constantly with you and appreciates all that you do.

My friend, remember that I am always grateful for you.

May we be both a positive influence in each other’s lives.

May we teach and serve each other.

And may we both bring honor and glory to our Savior,

In Jesus’ name, I pray,

Amen 🙏

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