A Prayer for Insurance of Health

Dear Father in heaven,

I praise and worship You.

Thank You for this precious gift of life and for making me in Your divine image.

Thank You for this body and soul who is meant to bring glory and honor to You.

Your Holy Spirit dwells within me, so I pray for the security of my health.

Ensure its wellness and its fitness.

And bring its covering, protection, and defense.

Lord, grant me with a health insurance.

Bring deep awareness and remind me of its importance.

Give me ways for me to have the ability to pay and sustain it.

And make me an advocate to share with other people the necessity of it.

Lord, I pray for Your protection and healing.

Protect me from all illnesses, diseases, sufferings, and frailty.

Heal me from every infirmity and affliction that I am aware of and not aware of.

Restore me, make me whole, or make me new.

Because I am holding on Your Word that by Your stripes, I am healed.

Touch the hearts of all the healthcare providers for them to fulfill their duties faithfully.

And increase their wisdom to find a cure, make critical decisions,
and treat more people with terrible conditions.

As I go forth each day, may You give me the strength to go on.

Reassure me with the promises of Your protection.

And help me appreciate that this life is sacred.

I trust in Your goodness, oh Lord.

I will find comfort because I know You care.

In Jesus’ name, I pray,

Amen 🙏

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