Saint Martin de Porres – Be My Attorney in Faith

Dear Saint Martin de Porres,

I prayerfully lift my confidence and devotion to you.

You have been helpful to the society because of your gentle and humble heart.

You have faithfully, graciously, and generously interceded on our behalf.

That is why I ask you to be my attorney in my faith in Jesus Christ.

I ask and pray for you to show all the people the paths to unity and justice.

The inequality, racism, and unfairness nowadays are terribly disturbing.

The suppression and discrimination experienced by God’s people are unbelievable.

Therefore, hear my desperate prayer to you.

May you hear my cry for justification and equality in treatment.

May you eradicate bias and prejudice that cause delay, harm, and damage.

May you promote impartiality and trustworthiness

And may you highlight God’s glorious and unending majesty.

Saint Martin de Porres, guide me to strictly follow God’s orders and laws.

I want to please and bring glory to Him as what you have done a well.

May I exercise my faith with your guidance, help, and support.

And may you grant me with the same love, kindness, and great compassion.

As I wait for God’s kingdom to come,
May I have the courage, the patience, and the will to live justly and true.

And may there be a great mercy for the broken, the lowly, and the lost.

I pray for healing and peace for all the victims.

And I pray for forgiveness and love to win.

Saint Martin de Porres please pray for us,

Through the most precious name of Jesus Christ,

🙏 Amen 🙏

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