A Prayer for Kindness

Dear Father in heaven,

I pray for a kind and nurturing heart, not only for me on my difficult days,

but also for the people that are carrying some weight I know nothing about.

We need Your tenderness and mercy for the harshness of this world pains and stunts our growth.

Some of us may have smiling faces, but it just veils a heavy heart that carries a secret burden and grief.

We are fragile deep down inside because of all the sufferings we experienced from the enemy.

So, I pray for Your listening ear for You love even the parts of us that are ugly.

I pray for Your voice that is sweeter than honey.

I pray for Your patience and gentle touch that brings relief and healing.

I pray for Your people who will walk with us even in the darkest seasons of our lives.

And I pray we will refrain from speaking idle and destructive words that bring division and strife.

But help us speak life towards one another that brings healing and harmony.

Lord, draw near to us as we come and worship You.

Remind us to stay in Your presence where Your quiet and calm Spirit astounds.

Teach us, guide us, convict us, and work within us to be more like You because we desire to honor You.

In this fallen world we live in, may You send us more encouragers, nurturers, and helpers.

And remind us we need You more than we could ever imagine and know.

In Jesus’ name, I pray,

Amen 🙏

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