Prayer for a Warrior of Christ

Let Us Pray

Dear Heavenly Father, I come before you today as a soldier in your army. I know that the battles I face are not just physical, but spiritual as well. I need your strength, courage, and protection to face the enemy and emerge victorious.

Help me to always remember that I am fighting for your kingdom and your glory. Lord, please watch over both my mind and my physical body. Protect me from harm, both visible and invisible. Give me the discernment to spot the enemy’s plans and the wisdom to make wise decisions. I ask that you send your angels to protect me from all attacks from the evil one.

Every day, God, I face both external and internal enemies. You say in your Word that we are fighting principalities, powers, and forces of wickedness in high places, not flesh and blood. Bind Satan and his global influence.

Make those who work for and with him powerless. Confound and derail their plans. Surround me with your angels, and no weapon formed against me shall prosper. Hide me under the cover of your wings.

I pray to you, Father, for help and wisdom in every struggle I go through. Keep my attention on your will and your plan for my life, please.

Give me the strength to follow the path you have for me, despite any challenges I may encounter.

Lord, I also beg for your resources and provision to arm me for the upcoming battles. Help me to use the resources you have given me to defeat the opposition and to be ready for every circumstance. I ask that you meet all of my material and spiritual needs so that I am fully prepared to serve you.

Give me the courage to turn off, turn away from, or walk away from anything that threatens my purity or commitment to those I love. You promise not to let me be tempted beyond my capacity. Help me see and take the exit you provide so that I can resist temptation. Please assist me to avoid any sinful pleasures of the flesh. Give me the wisdom to recognize and avoid potentially dangerous situations.

Father in Heaven, your warrior is getting ready for battle.Today, I declare victory over Satan by donning the entire Armor of God! And the Girdle of Truth! May I always be steadfast in the Truth of Your Word, so that I am not taken in by Satan’s lies.

I put on the breastplate of righteousness!

May it keep evil at bay and keep me pure and holy, protected by the blood of Jesus Christ. I choose peace for the paths that I thread, may I remain steadfast in the Good News of the Gospel so that Your peace will shine through me and be a Light to all I meet. I beg you, Father, to give me the stamina and fortitude to endure life’s tribulations and difficulties.

I need your assistance in not giving up or losing heart, but in keeping my focus on you and your promises. Give me the strength to continue even when the path seems challenging or uncertain.  Lord, I trust in your power and might to deliver me from every battle I face.

I know that you are my strength and my shield, and that I can do all things through you who strengthens me.

Help me to walk in the victory that you have already won for me, and to never forget that you are with me always.

Lord, in the midst of the battle, I ask for your divine protection. Shield me from all harm and danger, and give me the courage to face every challenge that comes my way. I know that with you by my side, I am invincible.

So, I put my trust in you, my God, my Fortress, and my Shield.

Lord, I take the Shield of Faith! May I be prepared for Satan’s fiery darts of doubt, denial, and deception so that I am not vulnerable to spiritual threats or defeat.

I put on the Helmet of Salvation! May I keep my thoughts on You so that Satan does not have a stronghold on my thoughts and emotions.

I take up the Sword of the Spirit! May the two-edged sword of Your Word be ready in my hands to expose Satan’s tempting but false words.

Your warrior has put on the Full Armor of God through faith! I am ready to face today with and through Jesus Christ, our Lord, and with complete spiritual victory.


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