Prayer to St. Joseph for Powerful Protection at Home

Let Us Pray

In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit, Amen.

O Glorious St. Joseph, I pray for blessings upon my family and household today.

Just as you sheltered the Holy Family and labored to practice God’s virtues throughout your life, please pour forth your powerful protection and support me in providing for my family.

I hereby place my family under the Lord’s protection, that we may always walk in the ways of Christ and His light.

May we remain a united and loving family, steadfast in our devotion to the one true Lord.

Most gracious and humble St Joseph, the earthly father of Jesus, champion of diligent workers, guardian of our homes, terror of demons and fierce defender of the faithful,

I ask that you keep me deeply rooted in your love and blessings.

Help me to emulate the righteous example that you have set.

May you help us in our daily lives by imitating your virtues, especially your work diligence.

God, our Father and Creator, has given me many great talents to make use of and develop.

Therefore, may you grant us the opportunity to not only provide for ourselves and our families but also to be of service of the society.

Be with those who have lost their jobs in circumstances we may not know.

I pray you may comfort them today, for they may be filled with regret and sorrow.

While in the waiting, help them realize the real meaning of life and why God has chosen us to help Him build His kingdom here on earth.

Remind them that patience, kindness, generosity, and care are also a work that they must never neglect but to foster.

If they have made many mistakes in the past, I plead that may you forgive them in the name of Jesus.

Help them not question His love but give them the strength to go on and hope that they may put their trust in you through our Lord Jesus Christ.

May you also help them with the anxieties of tomorrow and grant them peace, that the God of all grace and mercy has and will provide for their needs and a wisdom to see His will.

Guide them towards finding a suitable employment where they can be a better and a wiser person.

Watch their steps and lead them to a job they love and has an atmosphere of happiness, respect, and security.

May you also equip them with the skills and knowledge they need to further in their journey.

May you give them words on what to speak and a careful thought on which to choose on their quest.

And may you remind them that nothing is impossible with our merciful God.

Dear St. Joseph, I beseech you to embrace me and my family.

Help us perform each task with integrity, patience, consistency, and let us give the best of our abilities.

May you give us a good discernment to handle challenges and conflict.

Grant us a sharp mind and fill us with energy to perform every duty that will lead to our success.

Give us a thankful heart and a spirit of humility that this favor and divine provision comes from God, our Lord.

Let us be a beacon of blessings to our coworkers and living witnesses of the gospel of Jesus Christ. May we honor Jesus, His mother Mary, and you, O St. Joseph, our example through our words and actions.


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