Start Seizing Spiritual Power Daily

How to Claim Your Power in God

Many people often use a “busy schedule” as a justifiable reason to put on hold their connection to the spiritual power of God. The truth is that you must strike a balance between both lives – the spiritual and the physical.

These are five ways of seizing spiritual power daily despite your busy schedule:

1. Daily devotional prayers

Prayer should top your list of priorities. Have a habit of praying daily at a fixed time. It will eventually form part of your routine and you will not have to worry about skipping it. Before then, you can set a reminder on your phone for your prayer hour. Observing a prayer time at least once a day is attainable. If other religions have made it, why not Christianity?

Do not underestimate the power of prayer. It is communication with your creator and the ultimate path to spiritual growth. Proper communication makes relationships healthier. It makes the bond between God and you tighter unlike when you hardly pray. Prayer fuels you with energy to tackle challenges your way, especially on your busiest days. God comes through for you when you involve Him in your plans. Prayer is one avenue of how you can do it.

2. Reading the scriptures

The Bible writes that all scripture is inspired by God. Nothing He says is in vain. The storage of the scriptures has evolved from the days of Jesus and early prophets where it was written in scrolls and kept in the temple. Today, the Bible has been translated into many languages and millions of copies have been distributed worldwide.

You can even download the Bible application on your phone and read it anytime you get the chance. This has made it easier for you to be constantly in touch with God’s word. As you set time for prayer, remember to do the same for reading the Bible. You will have a deeper understanding of God’s will. The Holy Spirit will minister to you as you read the scriptures and you will grow spiritually too.

3. Have a teachable spirit

Humility is a fruit of the Holy Spirit. It makes you humble to submit to His teachings. Spiritual power is hidden in the teachings of the Holy Spirit. Jesus told His disciples that the Holy Spirit shall make them remember everything He taught them during the ministry. God loves a teachable and humble person because they can submit under His authority. Being teachable is a personality trait that can be carried into your busy schedule.

It is part of your identity. How can God entrust spiritual power to you if you are proud and arrogant? He needs to be sure that He can trust you with it.

4. Practicing Holiness

Holiness is God’s nature. He does not tolerate sin. You must be Holy to receive anything from Him (but mostly His grace covers us even when we do not deserve it). Being Holy is keeping away from sin. Do not wilfully do anything against God’s word. Keep all His commandments even when it is not convenient for you. Always prioritize your relationship with Him above anything else.

Your busy schedule should not be an excuse for sin. More so, let other people testify about how God-fearing you are. God shall entrust you with spiritual power to manifest your desires.

5. Practice faith

It is not enough to say that you are a person of faith if you cannot practice what you believe in. The scriptures say that the just shall live by faith, not sight. The spiritual realm does not manifest what is seen in the physical. The opposite is true – the physical realm manifests what is seen in the spiritual realm. Faith is very important in using spiritual power.

Consider a person who has a car but does not know how to drive and someone who does not own a car but knows how to drive. The driver with no car is better because it will be easier for them once they have their own. Similarly, spiritual power is seized effectively by people of faith.

It is impossible not to be busy with worldly affairs as long as you live in it. However, it is possible to claim spiritual power despite your hectic schedule. These five ways will guide you to it.

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