St. Homobonus – Raising Your Heavenly Credit Score

The gift of free will that our Heavenly Father bestowed onto us allows us to make decisions that differentiate between good and evil. When we sin and accrue bad deeds, we grow further away from God and his promises of eternal life.

Think of it like maintaining our heavenly credit score. Similar to how taking a loan would work, when we accumulate bad debt or credit suffers.

St. Homobonus is here today because he wants you to hold a worthy score in God’s eyes – free from the debt of sin and to receive blessings. He urges us to confess and repent our sins so as to receive blessings of God and to be satisfied in his divine mercy.

Raising Your Heavenly Credit Score

St. Homobonus is telling us how God looks at our heavenly credit score to determine whether we shall be given what we are asking for or not at the time we want it. Having a bad heavenly credit score is associated with how we have sinned against the Lord. Sometimes our petitions seem like they are unanswered not because God is ignoring us, but because we have drifted away from Him. Repentance and charity are ways that will help counter wrongdoings and allow us to partake in His love.

To maintain a good credit score in his eyes is by willingly and open-heartedly holding onto the debt of offering love to others and this will raise our ranking. If you are ranked at the top in the heavenly credit score, you have high chances of things always working in your favor. God blesses one who has believed in his word and has made the decision to follow it.

Saint Homobonus comes to you today to encourage you to lead through life doing acts that glorify the name of God. The saint reveals to you the need for you to have a good heavenly credit score so that there is no hindrance as to why your prayers are not being answered right when you want them to. To create a good heavenly credit score, you will need to accept Christ in your heart.

This is to assure you that all you set to do will be in accordance with how God wants you to and by doing so you move a rank higher. Saint Homobonus commits to give a helping hand to those who need it as they make decisions in their lives just to be sure that they are making them right and how God wants them to.

Relationship Between Taking Loans And Heavenly Credit Score

Saint Homobonus reveals to us that the speed we have in wanting to get the loans is similar to how when we need God’s intervention in our lives. We sin every now and then and do not realize it until we start suffering the consequences of doing so. When your petition is not answered, you relate it to God ignoring you but the reality is that he is waiting on you to change your behaviours and commit to having him in control of your life. When you sin, you take a loan on bad credit and you are required to pay for your sins if you don’t ask to be pardoned.

Saint Homobonus urges us that just as how we rush to clear off our loans, is much the same as how we should confess our sins asking to be pardoned so as to restore our relationship with God. Christ restored our relationship with God but sin breaks it from time to time and that’s why Saint Homobonus is here with us today to help us recover it back. We need to close the gap that sin has created between us and our creator. When we regret our past bad decisions and plan to incorporate God in them, we create a good heavenly credit score.

Securing A Good Heavenly Credit Score

We often act contrary to the word of God and wonder why we are not progressing in our lives. We wonder why blessings are not bestowed on us. Saint Homobonus is telling us that we are experiencing such because we have created a bad heavenly credit score. He communicates to us that some sufferings that we encounter stem from poor heavenly scores. We are being left to the evil one whom we have given authority over our lives.

However, through Christ, God is calling us back into his arms where we will receive guidance on how to live. It will aid in improving the heavenly scores which will help you draw blessings to yourself and protection at all times. Just as credit scores matter when it comes to receiving something on credit, is much the same as to how you will be provided with anything that you need. God will not let you suffer through any hardships or trials. He will save you from falling into temptations that will pull you away from having a good heavenly credit score.

Prayer for St. Homobonus’ Intercession

“Dear Saint Homobonus, I am overwhelmed with what I have learned on the ways to create a good heavenly credit score.

Through your messages, I will work on changing my behaviors to appease the Lord raising my heavenly credit score.

I am excited to walk with you through life so as to be protected from acting contrary to the word of God which will lower my scores.

I hope that your presence in my life will act as encouragement as I embark on this journey of life.”

🙏 Amen 🙏

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