Saint Luke – Doctor’s Orders

Saint Luke is here today to pass us a message that the remedy to all the struggles we endure in life is found in reading and heeding the directives written in the Word of Christ. He reminds us that we will account for all our actions if we fail to obey God’s orders.

Through God we find the salvation & healing from the adversities of life. The prescription for any hardship or obstacles is simply to turn to him with faith that He will guide us through. We are called upon to live by obeying his commandments so that we can live a prosperous life and secure a place in our next life- eternal life. 

Follow God’s Instructions

When we are feeling unwell or in pain, we follow closely the prescription of our doctor’s because we trust that they know what’s best and have our interests at heart. How much more so our Heavenly Father who sets us on the right path?

If we fail to follow the proper medicine dosage or treatment we know the consequences can be severe. We are quick to avoid physical pain or discomfort, but when it comes to matters of faith and spirituality the eternal consequences are far more lasting.

Treat Christ as your doctor. Especially when He has promised to deliver you from pain & suffering of this world whilst granting you a place in His everlasting kingdom. Do not discount or blatantly disregard His teachings for He is the way, the Truth and the Light.

Sin and temptations can be likened to a disease that takes root in our minds. It doesn’t seem severe at first, like most diseases, but without proper treatment it can snowball into something truly devastating.

If you are suffering the effects of feeling miserable, disappointed and experiencing delays in our life, it’s time to heed your proper heavenly prescription. Steel your hearts with faith and God will always make a way for us.

Saint Luke approaches us to make us aware that God’s reward for those who choose to obey his orders is showering his blessings on us and our family. The saint emphasizes that following God’s prescription is the wisest decision one would ever make in life. He will take the emptiness of your relationships, career, or finances and transform them into something splendid.

Recovery from the Consequences of Disobedience

We all know the ultimate price to pay for a life of sin and vice. It is not easy to transform our lives overnight and discontinue habits that have been formed over a period of time. God understands the dilemmas that we are going through, all we need do is to simply reach out to Him and call for help.

St. Luke and other saints have been appointed with specific roles in guiding us closer to God. And they are only too keen to come to our aid as long as we reach out to them for help.

Remember that our God is a merciful God. Whatever sin and wrongdoings that we have made in the past does not define who we are today. We have been granted a fresh start by the blood of Christ and should approach our spirituality with a renewed mindset.

He is a God of many chances, and he wishes all his creation obeys him by loving and worshipping him. You draw closer to him when you confess your wrongs and ask to be pardoned. By attracting blessings, you will achieve success in all your works when you accept to live for God’s glory. Through such actions, you are speeding your recovery from the effects of disobeying him. 

We are all sinners and none of us can claim to be holy, but the most important thing is that we make the effort to walk in the ways of Christ – to begin our spiritual recovery process with help of all the heavenly aides and our loved ones. Do not delay your recovery as we do not know the severity of our condition or the time we have left. The best time to start is today.

Your Spiritual Prescription

When in the recovery process, surround yourself with people who are followers of Christ for you to get inspired and motivated. By listening to the experiences of those who turned into salvation after many times of following orders given by the evil, you will recover fast the moment you believe that the will of God is to see you prosper in life without having to undergo any challenge.

To recover quickly from the attacks by the devil, commit yourself to praying and requesting God’s presence at all times.

Here are some ways that we can grow spiritually stronger and distance ourselves from sin:

  • Receiving the sacrament of holy communion regularly
  • Going for confession to cleanse our sins and receive absolution
  • Sharing God’s love with others
  • Little acts of kindness – never underestimate the power one small act of kindness can have on others
  • Beginning the day with prayer
  • Giving thanks to God and counting your blessings
  • Seeking help from Heaven through prayers and intercession
  • Praying on other’s behalf

God’s healing capability is incomparable. Doctors only treat and leave the curing to God. His power can repair your heart, soul, body, mind, and spirit from damage caused by following the evils prescription. To separate from the evil, he will authorize you to study his word and agree to live by what it says. By following these directives, we shall be free from any afflictions that you have been experiencing. 

Saint Luke is here to guarantee you that God will forgive all your sins and give you another chance to have a new beginning in your Christian walk. Being cured symbolizes that you are now a follower of Christ who will attract God and immense blessings in your life.

When you feel as if your faith is weakening over the challenges you are experiencing, reach out to Saint Luke as he will help intercede for you to be able to surpass these temptations. He has made a commitment to make this intercession so that you will receive healing despite hindrances you come across. 

Prayer to Saint Luke

“Dear Saint Luke, I acknowledge your efforts in revealing the need to obey God’s orders.

Help me keep track of my faith in my creator at all times.

I am enlightened on why I need to obey God’s orders and the consequences of not doing so.

Thank you for offering to intercede for me when my faith starts to wear out due to the struggles I experience in life.

I call upon you to shield me from the temptations of daily life,

And to strengthen my resolve & faith in the Lord.”


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