[WARNING] Don't Accept These Gifts That Are Sent By the Devil!

The Lord wants us to be vigilant, to be aware of the spiritual battles that surround us. 

To discern the origin of the gifts that come our way. In this world, we often oncounter gifts that seem enticing, that promise pleasure, wealth and power. These gifts may com in various forms: material possessions, positions of authority, or even fleeting moments of pleasure.

However we must be cautious, for not all gifts are sent by God. The devil, our cunning adversary, seeks to deceive us by presenting himself as an angel of light, disguising his snares as blessings.

The evil one knows our weaknesses, our desires, and our vulnerabilities. He will tempt us with riches, but these are the riches that fade away, leaving us empty and spiritually bankrupt. He will offer us power, but it is power that corrupts our souls and distances us from the will of God.

He will entice us with pleasures, but they are fleeting and lead us down a path of sin and destruction.

Do not be deceived, my dear friends, for the devil’s gifts are only temporary leading to eternal separation from our loving creator.

Instead you should fix your gaze upon God, who is the source of all true and lasting blessings.

His gifts are abundant and come with the promise of eternal life, peace, joy, and fulfilment.

Let us seek the discernment of the Holy Spirit in every aspect of our lives. Pray fervently for the wisdom to recognize the true origins of the gifts that come our way. Ask God to guard your heart and mind against the temptations of the enemy.

Remember the words of Scripture, which tell us, “Do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewal of your mind, that by testing you may discern what is the will of God, what is good and acceptable and perfect” Romans 12:2.

When faced with enticing gifts, ask yourself, “Does this gift align with God’s will? Does it draw me closer to Him, or does it lead me astray?”

Trust in the guidance of the Holy Spirit, for He will never steer you wrong.

So let us be vigilant in discerning the origin of the gifts we receive. Do not accept those that are sent by the devil, for they are traps that lead to destruction. Seek the blessings that come from God, for they are filled with eternal love, grace and peace.

May God’s wisdom and discernment guide you in every decision you make. May His love protect you from the deceitful gifts of the enemy. And may you always find true joy and fulfilment in the abundant blessings of our Heavenly Father. May God bless you abundantly.

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