“I Am With You” – A Prayer for God’s Presence in All We Do

Let Us Pray

presence of god

O Divine Whisper in the rustling leaves,
O Gentle Touch in the evening breeze,
O Infinite Mystery, from whom all life flows,
Hear our prayer, as our heart earnestly glows.

In Your grandeur, You created the stars,
Yet in Your love, You reside in our hearts.
As we invite You into our daily stride,
Guide our actions, be our constant guide.

In the quiet morning, when the world is still,
In the bustling streets, where ambitions fill,
Let our invitation be an open door,
For Your presence to dwell, now and evermore.

With every breath, every step we take,
We seek Your guidance for the path we make.
For in Your promise, we find our aim,
With You by our side, we’re never the same.

God of Compassion, You journey with us in every plight,
In moments of shadow, in realms of light.
Through trials that test, and joys that lift,
Your promise is our most treasured gift.

As Moses was assured by Your enduring flame,
So too are we upheld by Your sacred name.
“For I am with you,” so Your Word declares,
A solace in our unspoken prayers.

Grant us the courage, Lord, to live in Your light,
To act with love, to do what is right.
To embrace Christ in each face we meet,
In the quiet servant, in the one on the street.

In the mirror, too, let us see Your Son,
And in our actions, let His will be done.
For to live in Christ is to truly be free,
His hands and feet, in this world let us be.

Strengthen our faith, when uncertainties rise,
When the tempest roars, and the eagle cries.
Remind us, O Lord, of the power You wield,
Your love, our fortress; Your grace, our shield.

In the grand tapestry of Your divine plan,
Help us to trust, to yield to Your hand.
For through faith, we are cradled in care,
Invisible hands lifting despair.

We acknowledge, O God, the power You hold,
Not in lightning strikes or decrees bold,
But in gentle whispers and in acts of love,
In the silent strength that descends from above.

Your protection, Lord, is our daily bread,
A beacon of hope when all is said.
For in You, we find a refuge sure,
An unyielding power, forever pure.

And so, in this prayer, we humbly concede,
Without You, O Lord, we are but a seed.
But with You, we grow, we flourish, we stand,
A testament to Your nurturing hand.

With love, we spread Your light far and wide,
In our hearts, may Your wisdom abide.
May we be vessels of Your enduring peace,
Harbingers of joy, as Your blessings increase.

As the prophet Isaiah once penned with grace,
“You will keep in perfect peace those whose minds are steadfast, because they trust in you” (Isaiah 26:3).
Let this truth anchor us, through storm or still,
For in trusting You, our purposes fulfill.

In the dance of the dawn, in the whisper of night,
In each act of kindness, in every plight,
May we feel Your presence, our steadfast guide,
For in Your love, we truly abide.

To conclude, with hearts uplifted high,
We thank You, Lord, for being nigh.
In every moment, may we see
Your guiding hand, for eternity.


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