I Go Before You Always – A Powerful Prayer

A Prayer For God to Lead Your Way

Lord I thank you for your great love and mercy. I thank you for the battles that you have fought in my stead. I give thee thanks for staying by my side even in the times when I have swayed, and for guiding me back to your light.

I call upon you this day for your divine protection in my life. You know my and my thoughts. You know all my struggles and the battles that I face. I pray that you open my eyes, that I may recognize the true authority that you have bestowed upon me through your word. In the name of Christ, all doors shall open and every head shall bow.

Today I place myself into the authority of Christ and claim the power of your divine promises. Make your ways known to me Lord. I marvel at the unfathomable depth of Your love. This love, omnipotent and unchanging, beckons us with a promise, “Be not afraid, I go before you always.”

This divine assurance bolsters my spirit and fills me with great joy as I recognize it is your hand that charters the course of our lives, always steering us towards prosperity and peace.

Dearest Father, in moments of turbulence when the horizon seems blurred and our steps falter, let us be wrapped in the comforting cloak of Your providence. Though tempests might rage and shadows loom, the beacon of Your presence illuminates our path, ensuring that not a single misstep shall befall those who trust in Your lead.

We remember Your words from Jeremiah 29:11, affirming Your plans for us – plans to prosper and not harm, plans to give hope and a future. Such profound promises, Lord, anchor our hearts. They whisper the eternal truth that even in times of trial, Your plans are being woven into a tapestry of grace and purpose.

Yet in our human frailty, doubts occasionally cloud our vision. We become ensnared by anxieties, fearing what lies ahead. But then, like a gentle lullaby, we hear Your assurances, “Be not afraid.” O Lord, cleanse these apprehensions from our souls, for in You, every fear is dispelled, and every tear is accounted for.

May the love You’ve lavished upon us flow outwards, like ripples on a serene pond. As we touch the lives of others, let them, too, perceive Your guiding hand, the hand that goes before them, clearing hurdles, mending broken bridges, and filling voids with Your boundless love.

In this journey of life, as we encounter valleys and peaks, allow our hearts to always sync with Yours. With every heartbeat, may we recall Your promise, finding courage in the understanding that our path, no matter how winding or rugged, is already known to You, and it is good.

Let us spread this hope, this love, this divine certainty, to all we meet. By doing so, we do not merely traverse our life’s journey, but we transform it, turning every step into a dance of joy, every challenge into an opportunity for growth, and every sorrow into a testament of unwavering faith.

O Heavenly Father, strengthen our resolve. Equip us with the fortitude to face the morrows, the wisdom to discern Your will, and the love to share Your goodness. Help us, not merely to seek Your blessings but to be a blessing unto others.

I thank you for this victory in your name O’ Lord. With profound gratitude and boundless love, in the sanctified name of Jesus Christ, our beacon and guide, our eternal Savior, we pray, Amen.

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