Today’s Prayer for a Peaceful Mind

Dear Father in Heaven,

Thank You for sending Your Son, Jesus Christ, the Prince of Peace into our lives.

You know the things that make me worry because I do not know all the reasons why I go through certain things.

Please guard my heart and help me fix my mind on You.

Help me lay all my fears and anxiety upon You.

You, Lord, know what the enemy is doing.

And he may try to bring great destruction to prevent me from seeking You.

But help me acknowledge Your tangible love and presence in my life.

Place Your hand upon me and bestow me Your peace and clarity.

For I want to feel Your anointing in this place of panic and dryness.

You are neither tired nor sleep and will see me through with what is taking place in my circumstances.

Keep me grounded in Your word so that I will hear Your voice amid the chaos.

Let Your peace lead me as I flow like a river over the rocks until I arrive where I need to be.

Speak to me personally and flood my eyes with Your light,

For me to understand what You have designed and called me to do I will look forward and leave the past behind.

Because I have the peace that the latter is greater than the former.

I trust You with all my heart and will stand in faith.

I receive Your fullness and rest.

In Jesus’ name I pray,

Amen ?

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