A Prayer to St. Christopher for Guidance & Protection

Dear St. Christopher,

You who have carried people across raging streams including the child, Jesus.

Therefore, also hold me secure by your strong and mighty arms as I travel.

Be my guide and my protector on every journey that I am going to take.

Watch over me and keep my body and soul not only from evil but also from accidents that will cause injury and harm.

I pray I may safely reach my destination and return home safe and sound, renewed and refreshed.

Let me find the joy of the journey as much as the destination while being calm because you are there.

Promise to go with me every day and every night because I am safer whenever you are here.

As I follow where God leads, protect and cover me from whatever danger that comes my way.

It may be an obstacle, so make the crooked paths straight.

Or it may be my enemies, thieves, or any evil doers whose only goal is to cause harm.

Keep me be mindful of your presence and care.

And I thank you and the Lord for the freedom to travel and the resources He provided.

I pray with a humble heart for your mercy
that you may extend your arm and protect other travelers as well.

They may be the drivers who take the wheel or passengers who entrusted them with their lives.

Give guidance and wisdom to all drivers of any transportation means.

And help us to be on our senses by having watchful eyes to be alert and become free from trouble.

May you listen to my fervent prayer while I open myself to also become a Christ-bearer.

This I pray in your name, St. Christopher,

Through the grace of our Lord Jesus’,

Amen ?

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