Prayer for the Year of Faith

Dear Father in Heaven,

Your love, grace, and mercies are new every morning.

I praise You, for You are faithful; yesterday, today, and tomorrow.

You are ever constant, my Lord, My God.

And as I embark to this new uncharted and unpredictable year.

I pray this year will be a year of faith!

I pray that despite the realities I face every day, my faith in You may not falter.

I pray I will choose faith over fear.

I pray that this year I will increase my trust in You.

I also humbly ask for Your forgiveness that at times I give in to my fears instead of facing it in faith.

Lord, I know You understand my heart and I thank You for seeing me through Your eyes of grace.

Empower me by the power of the Holy Spirit.

Strengthen me so I may keep in track with Your Spirit and Your call over my life.

I fix my gaze upon You.

I stand in the power of the resurrection of Your Son Jesus.

And as I thread on this year of faith, I pray, Lord, that I may be found in You.

You are the object of my faith and when I am far from Your presence,
You know it would be hard for me too.

Father bless and anoint me this year.

I will march forward as You keep me safe.

In Jesus’ name, I pray,

Amen 🙏

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