A Powerful Prayer for Supplication

Dear Father in Heaven,

I pray for the situation I am currently in.

I mourn in secret.

I am amid this distraction and suffering.

And in dire need of your grace.

I humbly and earnestly ask for your immediate assistance.

For You have said in Your Word that I do not have to be anxious about anything,
but in take comfort in prayer and supplication with thanksgiving

I will let my requests be made known to You.

Lord, the only hope I know is to cleave to You.

Therefore, may You comfort me and address this affliction instantly.

Renew my strength and guide me.

Save me from this seemingly impossible situation.

Invade my life and divinely intervene for me.

And may You provide resources by opening the floodgates of heaven for me.

Lord, Your love is steadfast, faithful, eternal, and unconditional.

And You are the same yesterday, today, and forever.

So, I trust in Your will and timing.

I pray for You to increase my faith as I endure, persevere, and persistently pray.

I pray for miracles and reveal to me Your wonders and mysteries.

I pray for Your grace and mercy.

And I pray Your presence to be forever with me
Lord, may You hasten my deliverance.

So that You will reveal Your glory through me.

And people will know that because of You, I have won this impossibility.

You are worthy of all worship and praise.

You have no equal.

And You alone are God.

In Jesus’ name, I pray,

Amen 🙏

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