A Prayer to Turn Sadness Into Faith

Dear Father in heaven,

I now have an opportunity to trust You.

I have been in a long-standing relationship with sadness and grief in my life,
and I do not want this to continue.

Partner with me and give me a way out.

Rest Your power in me and help me to believe.

Break these chains and stronghold of despair.

Release me from depression, oppression, resentment, and hate.

For these will lead to rebellion, bitterness, and bondage.

I pray for a miracle of the restoration of joy.

I pray for healing and rejuvenation.

I pray for vision and assistance for the fulfillment of that vision.

And I pray for divine alignments and relations.

Lord, I need for Your favor and blessings.

I need Your wisdom and anointing,
I need Your knowledge and understanding,
And I need to experience a breakthrough.

Help me not be afraid, so I need boldness to go through.

By faith, I am now free in Your name.
By faith, I am now Your mighty child.
By faith, I will not miss my destiny.

And by faith, I am now a living testimony.

Lord, help me to never anymore participate with fear, condemnation, and in the whispers of the enemy.

But rather, I will be a strong army who is ready to fight.

Lord, I thank You for Your faithfulness.

I thank You for Your grace and mercy.

It is only You who have this supernatural ability.

Therefore, grant me the ability to follow and imitate You.

In Jesus’ name, I pray,
🙏 Amen 🙏

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