A Prayer for a Happy Day: Morning Prayer Poem

Let Us Pray

In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit, Amen.

Oh Lord, my God, I pray to thee,
As I wake this brand new day;
May I find joy in everything I see,
And my actions glorify you in every way.

I thank you for the gift of life,
For the breath that fills my lungs;
For the peaceful rest throughout the night,
And for your prudence that guides my tongue.

I pray for your blessings on this day,
For the love that you so freely give;
For the kindness that you always display,
For your grace that gives purpose to why I live.

May your mercies be new with the morning light,
And may your wisdom guide my every thought;
May your love be a beacon, shining bright,
And may your peace be what I have sought.

I pray for miracles throughout the day,
For healing in body, mind, and soul;
For opportunities to love and give away,
And for the strength to conquer every goal.

May I be a light in a world of darkness,
A beacon of hope to those who are lost;
May my actions speak louder than my words,
And may my love be felt at any cost.

I pray for wisdom in every decision,
For discernment in every choice I make;
For the courage to follow your divine vision,
And for the faith to trust in your grace.

May my day be filled with moments of joy,
May laughter be a constant companion.
May my heart be filled with love to employ,
And may your presence be felt in every canyon.

I thank you for this happy day,
For the blessings that you have bestowed;
For your protection that drives the darkness away,
And for the love that you have showed.

May I go forth in faith and trust,
Knowing that you are always near;
May I walk in your ways, and never falter,
You are my greatest joy, I will always hold dear.

In Jesus’ name I pray, Amen.

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