St. Francis – Time for Automation

Often times we are swept away by the happenings of the world and feel our control on our own destiny slipping away from grasp. It may seem like we are mere cogs in a machine with no end in mind, but God has different plans for us.

Saint Francis is coming today to deliver a message that sometimes working smart trumps working hard. The time has come for you to steer through life and automate it for easy navigation.

Not all technology is harmful, in fact Christ encourages us to seek ways that will help us spread the Good News more efficiently to those around us.

Trust in God’s Algorithm

Our world is large, complex, and not easily comprehensible by our human limitations. Since the day you were brought in to the world, God had already laid out a masterplan for you.

The only way we can realize our full potential is to trust in the providence of God and to accept His word in our lives. Instead of rely only on our consciousness that is small and limited, God seeks to empower us to do great things through His grace and wisdom.

If you are feeling overwhelmed and burdens by the stresses of the world, St. Francis is telling you to automate your processes to make things easier on yourself. Consider letting God guide you and through following his word, you will live a life that intends to meet your purpose on earth. Just as automation is dependent on a machine to carry out its purpose, you should live a life that is fully dependent on your creator.

You are encouraged to use the faith and hope you have in the Lord for he alone accredits your success in life. If you feel as if they are not quite working to your satisfaction, reach to saint Francis who will walk with you and intercede for you to the Lord. God desires that you yield completely to him and wholeheartedly accept him for he is the greatest of all beings and the creator of the universe. He doesn’t want to control you but transform you into living according to his ways. His kindness is intended to turn you from your sin. 

Trust in God’s Supervision

Beloved, do you not know that you can ease your life’s burdens through automating your life by trusting God’s way of work?  When you put your trust in God, you are trusting the process he has made for you in life. He has made plans for you to prosper and has committed to his word of making sure he fulfills his promises. No matter the challenges you go through, your hope and trust in him assures you that they will not defeat you. 

Grow your faith and make it stronger through reading the word of God. Strong faith makes it easy for him to automate your life to meet the purpose of your life. Your faith in him will see you through the process of life despite the difficulties you encounter. God has promised to make your paths straight if you trust in him with all your hearts and in all your ways admit to him.

Automation at the Work Place

Although automation greatly impacts a business with technology replacing human intervention, it is still susceptible to failure. God considers your works as an essential aspect of your lives hence his presence will at all times be with you assuring you of safety. Comparably, to receive his automation you should purpose to live a life that aims to please him. Most of us have been lured into falling to the traps of the evil one giving him authority over our lives. This has been the reason why most of you do not seem to have an end to their sufferings. 

For you to please God and evade from sufferings, we should commence with accepting Christ in our hearts. We serve Christ when we wholeheartedly work for him assured that we will receive inheritance as our reward. We will have given authority to God when we accept to be a follower of his son. 

Automation at Home

Fill your home with the love of God and He will create a strong foundation for your family. Just as we seek to fill our dwelling with the latest gadgets and technologies in the market, so to must we have a focus on instilling God as our pillar of strength in our homes.

A Christ-centered home attracts blessings, is more productive and is protected from all negative influences.

Prayer for St. Francis’ Intercession

“Dear Saint Francis, I am grateful for alerting me on the time for me to steer through life as automation does.

I will work towards to living a life that my hope and faith is unto the Lord.

I will utilize the knowledge you have instilled in me on how to thrive my faith in my creator.

I humbly ask you to walk with me when I start to feel weak on my faith.

St. Francis, please pray for us.

Amen.” 🙏

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