St. Gabriel – There’s a Reason Why God Is Calling You

The world is full of numerous noises and if you are not keen enough you will miss out on your divine calling. Today Saint Gabriel comes to remind you that there is a reason why God is calling you. In case you have not heard his voice, he urges you to take a moment and listen keenly. If you have been speaking more, he urges you to take a moment and keep quiet so that you may hear his voice. 

When God created us, he had a purpose for every individual. We are not on this earth by mistake but we are here to make a difference and complete our assignment.

The Call to Love

In Mark 12:31, the bible urges us to love our neighbors as we love ourselves. This verse is a reminder that we are called to love others even when we feel they are unworthy of our love. Just like God sacrificed his only son to die on the cross for our sins, we ought to treat each other with love even when it hurts. 

Today Saint Gabriel is reminding us that we have an assignment to love others just like God loves us. Think about it for a moment, there could be somebody in your life whom you dislike, possibly because they wronged you at some stage in life. In the face of being wronged by others, how can you still carry the love of God and be true to His teachings? Surely those who have hurt you and caused you to suffer pain are undeserving of your love?

My dearest one, I am here today to tell you that forgiveness is the purest form of love. I know how hard it is to forgive those that have wronged you. When you think about forgiveness, it isn’t reserved solely for those that have done you wrong, instead start with asking God for forgiveness for harboring any ill thoughts, anger and resentment in your heart. Ask God to remove these negative energies from your life, for they serve no purpose in your divine journey.

Sometimes, malicious acts done unto us by others also influences us to act negatively and respond with hatred. This is the very first step that we must overcome. Ask God for your OWN forgiveness and understand that no matter how much hurt we have caused, or how poorly we responded to certain situations, God is always ready to forgive you.

Only when you accept the forgiveness of the Lord, are you then ready to grant forgiveness to others. In fact, you do not need to explicitly let the other party know of your intentions for they may not be ready to receive or to respect such a gesture. Forgiveness is a powerful principle that not just benefits that transgressor, but also empowers the person who grants it.

If Jesus could forgive the people who mocked Him, crucified Him, and insulted Him on the cross for the sake of their salvation, why should we feel entitled to hold on to unsavory grudges? It might be difficult doing so, but it is necessary for you as well. If you fail to forgive them, you will always bear the burden of hurt and pain in your heart and it will cause more harm. Hearken to the voice of your saint today and respond to the divine calling to love.

The Call to Charity

In Luke 12:48, Jesus stated that, “Unto whom much is given, much is required.” Today Saint Gabriel is reminding us that God is calling us to practice charity. We have been blessed with abundance so that we can bless those who suffer insufficiencies. Most times as human beings, we tend to be selfish with our resources and attribute our success to our hard work. We forget that God is the owner of everything in the universe and we are only his custodians. In reality, as custodians, when we are entrusted with more, it is because we have the capacity to open our arms and extend charity to others. 

Saint Gabriel is revealing to us that we should always choose to respond to the call for charity so that God may continue blessing us. Once we prove to him that we are good stewards, he will entrust us with more resources and we shall never lack. For our cups to be filled by God, we need to empty the contents within to create space for more. The right way to do this is by charity.

Top Tip of the Day

“God, saved us and called us to a holy calling not because of our works but because of his own purpose and grace.” – 2 Timothy 1:9

Today Saint Gabriel appears to reveal to us that God is calling us to love and charity because he has a divine purpose for us. Even when we feel unworthy to respond to his call, we are reminded of his love towards us and thus we should respond positively.

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