St. George – Battle for God’s Truth

Leading a life full of deception may seem fun and attractive yet the reality is that the truth will always set somebody free. No matter how long the truth stays hidden, in the end it will always come out in the light and the consequences will be faced accordingly.

In the story of creation, after Adam and Eve disobeyed God and ate the forbidden fruit, they went into hiding so that God would not discover the truth. They were not aware that God is Omni-present who sees everything that happens hence no truth can ever be hidden away from him. 

Saint George is bringing a motivational message to anyone feeling discouraged in life. While battling for God’s truth can be a hectic and draining experience, you are called to stand firm in your actions for at the end of it all you will be rewarded accordingly.

With the world experiencing the effects of greed, corruption and selfishness, the responsibility lies with us to fight for God’s truth an introduce his salvation to the people that we encounter. Reveal to them the existence of Christ, His unending love and numerous graces.

Start The Day With Motivation

Time is illusive and often slips by if we don’t pay attention to what we fill our days with. This is why it’s important to start your day with the right motivation and be inspired by the word of God.

Saint George is appealing to us to start our day by reading the word of God so that it can offer us guidance during the day. By engaging in meditation at the beginning of the day, we are in a better position to connect with God and hear him speak to us as well as give us guidance.

Once we develop a habit of starting our mornings by invoking the presence of the holy spirit, we will be sure to witness Christ and his mercies throughout the day and we shall surely be spiritually motivated.

Set a Proper Gameplan

As history has often shown us, battles are won not just by sheer tenacity but also with proper planning and execution. When we battle in the name of Christ, what is our strategy and gameplan? Do we simply pray as and when we wish and choose to do God’s work only when we remember it?

As brothers and sisters of Christ let us spend our mornings thinking of actionable ways that we can glorify God’s name. It’s doesn’t have to be something huge or drastic, even small random acts of kindness can set in motion a series of ripple events that could have a significant impact on the lives of others.

Commit to go out of your way at least once a day to help someone and spread God’s kindness for only then can we claim to be co-heirs to the eternal life that God has promised. In the kingdom of God, every bit counts.

For as we learned in the story transcribed in Mark 12:41-44, where the poor widow gave only a few cents to charity despite being in poverty – A simple act of humility and kindness that we often overlook can be worth much more in the eyes of Christ our Lord.

Have Courage

Courage is never the absence of fear but the guts to face that fear and not allow it to control you. As humans we are prone to fear due to our nature but we are privileged to have the heavens at our beck and call in case there arises a case where we are in danger.

Fear arises when we feel that there are people who are superior to us and they can control us if necessary, when we come across creatures that we feel pose a risk to our existence and also when we are faced with a situation where we have no idea about how to get done with it. 

Saint George is revealing to us that we need not fear for we have God as our father and he would not allow any harm to come to us. Although life may push us into situations that make us feel desperate, we are called upon to be bold and we have the gift of the holy spirit who is our greatest motivator for us to wear the garment of strength.

We are assured that we can always call out to God whenever we have fear and he will always strengthen us. Just like Jesus prayed in the garden of Gethsemane and the prophets were sent to console him, God will always send us angels and saints to keep us strong and motivate us in our moments of tribulations.

God Will Not Let You Fail

God is Omnipotent as there is nothing beyond him. Even when we pray to God to move a certain mountain in our lives and he does not respond, it does not depict defeat. He is the creator of the universe and nothing can ever defeat him hence we should always trust in him in all circumstances and without a doubt. 

Saint George is encouraging us to put all our trust in God for he will never fail us. Just like Hannah cried to God for a son and God answered her, he will also answer us when we call. The God who granted Sarah a son in her old age will also come to our aid.

Although sometimes you cannot comprehend all the workings of the world, know that He does things in His time and He will surely come when you remain patient and faithful. Do not give up on God for he is a God who never fails his children and his promises never remain unfulfilled.

🙏 Prayer To Saint George 🙏

“Dear Saint George, I thank you for your message of hope and motivation today.

I acknowledge that I am a warrior in Christ’s name.

For alone I am limited, but with Christ I can do great things.

I shall have no fear in the pursuit of my faith.

I shall boldly seek to change and mold the world in ways of charity and love as our Saviour has taught us.

I know that there is no act too simple that God will not count.

For every small deed I put in to glorify his name shall give me courage & motivation to seek more in the ways of the Lord.

I pray that you will steel my faith and trust in God in all circumstances.

St. George, pray for us.”


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“For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them.”

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