St. Anne – Receiving Treatment for Spiritual Trauma

On many occasions, we associate the problems we encounter in life as God having neglected us. We have questioned him many times on why he allows it, which has led us to suffer causing spiritual trauma.

Fortunately for us, Saint Anne – the patron saint for healing, approaches us to with a divine message that we need to let go, reform and prepare ourselves to receive treatment. She wants to let us know that God whatsoever does not support our sufferings but instead he wants to see us thrive and enjoy the abundance of his blessings as we live.

Getting Off Your Spiritual Trauma

Most of us believe in spirituality and this can lead to trauma especially when challenges start to have their way in our lives. Having the feeling that God has left us or is punishing us and losing faith would cause one to experience spiritual trauma. Sometimes some of us blame God to be the cause of our problem whereas some of the things we have brought to ourselves. 

Allowing the evil one to be in control precedes suffering in our lives. We are led to breaking God’s orders which leads him to leave us to endure through hardships on our own. He does not want to see us suffer but instead he is giving us a chance to change our bad behaviors for him to turn his face to us and answer our prayers. We often confuse this to be spiritual trauma. Instead, when we follow God’s words, he gives us solutions to problems right away which helps avoid falling into spiritual trauma.

Saint Anne comes to us to inform us that we can overcome this trauma that we have caused ourselves by accepting Christ in our lives. God does not hold grudges against us but instead he wants us back to him for it is much safer there. Saint Anne asks us to seek refuge through her if spiritual trauma seems to be getting worse. 

Receiving Treatment From Spiritual Trauma

There was a time perhaps you had a problem which made you cry day and night seeking God’s intervention. Days passed without getting a response and the continuity of hardships made you get angry towards him, lost your faith and went to the extent of separating yourself from him. 

Saint Anne comes to you to pass you a message that you are never alone when sufferings are at you and Christ is always ready to give you treatment. He was once on earth and he understands how it feels like to get hurt to an extent of even losing his life. He will give you a dose of patience to be practiced in your life. As you await response to your petitions, you will practice it by reading God’s word, spending time in his house of worship as well as continuing with prayers. By the time your challenges are ending, you will have received a renewed purpose in your life. Saint Anne guarantees that you can seek her intervention to keep you encouraged helping you in your journey to healing.

Healing From Spiritual Trauma

Healing from anything inclusive of the diseases, trauma is a journey which needs a good support system such as how Saint Anne offers to be by our side for motivation as we conquer through hardships. Spiritual trauma can be devastating depending on the measure a challenge is at us and if there is no intervention by a higher supreme being- God. Those who desire to reconcile back to the Lord are one step ahead in their journey to heal from spiritual trauma caused by pain experienced in the past. 

Saint Anne tells us that spiritual healing is achieved to one who confesses to the Lord and asks for forgiveness. God does not want to be distant with you. He wishes to be by your side at all times in your life. To heal from trauma you will need to be positive even when at your worst. You ought to stop relating your troubles as God’s plans or as his punishment to you. He has the solution to all your challenges and in due time he will give them to you. All you gotta do is be patient, free from doubt and  wait for his mercies to overflow your life. 

Receiving The Correct Heavenly Prescribed Remedy

Any type of healing comes from the heavens inclusive of spiritual trauma. God, his son, the Angels and Saint Anne do not fascinate when they see us distance from God and deny him. He is the giver of life and he has not placed us on earth to suffer through challenges but instead to live to fulfill the reason why we are here. 

Saint Anne encourages us to accept that we are the ones in the wrong and should ask for forgiveness through Christ to his father, Lord. We need to take the dose the heavens give us because all that reside there wants the best for us. Through God’s word we have the remedy to our problems. Before we blame it on God, we need to read his word and try to follow what it wants us to. Saint Anne says that she will guide you to discern when it is the heavenly prescription remedy or not and guide you to put it in place. She commits to be by your side making it known to you that God watches all your moves and he wants to see you live happily and in peace.

Prayer for St. Anne’s Intercession

“Dearest Saint Anne, Mother of Mary,

I am grateful for your presence and healing guidance.

Behold my suffering and afflictions,

Cleanse me from all ailments, spiritual trauma and physical impediments by the blood of Christ,

I trust and believe that God will not allow me to suffer on this earth without cause.

I have faith that you will I can heal from spiritual trauma through confessing, asking for forgiveness as well as forgiving others to help reconcile back to my creator.

Help me be patient and keep away all doubts.

Please also protect the sick, heal the wounded and comfort the dying all around the world.

That they may know God’s love in their pain, and be strengthened by his mercy and grace.”

🙏 Amen 🙏

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