St. Edwiges – Avoiding Bad Debt

Saint Edwiges was born in 1174, Bavaria, Germany. Since a young age, the saint had consistently given himself up for piety and charity – keeping a small portion of earnings for himself and the rest to charity. At the time, many people were imprisoned for not being able to pay their debts, St. Edwiges made it a mission to go to these prisons and help them get free – often paying their debts with his own money. Subsequently helping them to find jobs and become restored to society once more.

Let us draw from the giving spirit of St. Edwiges, who has come today to let us know that we can avoid all sorts of bad debts in our life by seeking help from our creator. He is the greatest giver and has in abundance enough for everyone. Saint Edwiges tells us that to separate from insufficiency we are required to seek the kingdom of God first and then all that we need will be added unto us.

The saint furthers to tell us that we should only be indebted to loving each other for by doing so we will have accomplished all that the law of our creator demands. He urges us to separate from the debt of sin for we will pay for each one of it. 

Evaluating God’s Capability In Your Life

A man who relies on his own strength is limited by his abilities, but a man who relies in God will have unrestrained power and potential in all things. The key to avoid becoming indebted and burdened is to trust in the providence of the Lord. For only He has the power to cleanse us of our sins and debts that we have incurred in life through the blood of his Son.

Life is easy when you have God in you for he settles all your needs. Also through his son you are guided into being obedient to his word. One who acts in accordance to his word has everything falling in their favor. You will be separated from sin earning yourself blessings and a place in God’s kingdom. God wants to be in authority in your life, living wholesome and fulfilling lives based upon his love. His strength can turn tides and handle difficult situations that our own abilities often falls short.

God Has Paid of Your Debts

Saint Edwiges informs you that God rewards us with all that we require and does not ask for anything in return, save the love we should already have for our fellow men. His providence will never end for everything in the world is his creation. Despite that he wants you to work hard to fulfill your needs, he commits to position you to prosper in life, so that you too can spread His love to others around you. Saint Edwiges comes to tell you that if God was capable of giving his only son to die on the cross for your sake, what else wouldn’t he do?

There is no sin that God cannot pardon if we ask for it. He states that on judgment day, each one of us will give an account of ourselves to our creator. Whatever we do in discrete will be brought to light whether good or bad. Saint Edwiges urges us to live a life where Christ directs us because if we do not then God will not allow us in heaven. We are needed to be obedient to God for we will not evade being held accountable.

Prayer To Saint Edwiges

“Dear Saint Edwiges, the knowledge you have given has had an impact on me making me realize the need for me to change my ways.

I am thankful that through your teachings, I commit to allow God to take control of my life. I will entrust my life unto him for his sufficiency and strength.

I believe that when you intervene for me with my creator, it will draw me closer to him.”

Amen 🙏

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