St. Matthew – Accumulating Wealth

When you think of wealth what immediately comes to mind? Money? Health? Relationships?

We know for certain that God wants us to lead a life that’s healthy & flourishing. Sometimes in our struggles, we lose sight of the true wealth that we should be accumulating on a daily basis.

When you turn to Him and do not get immediately a response or financial windfall, do not despair. St. Matthew wants you to know that God’s intention isn’t to simply drop money into our laps, He wants us to give us the power to accumulate wealth by ourselves.

He wants us to focus not on our current situations, but on developing the skills and talents necessary to thrive in the future.

Wealth That Lasts

St. Matthew is calling us to seek a stronger foundation first, rather than simply wishing for money. He wants us to know that God sees us in our daily toil and struggles, we will bring comfort and relief when we lift our worries to Him.

Do not lose hope when times get hard, for He is the great provider and protector of His flock. He will not let us go hungry without cause. He will not let us suffer without salvation. And when we are blessed with a cup overflowing, we should not forget to share His graces with others who are in need of our aid.

When we seek wealth do we do so out of vanity or because of honest intentions? St. Matthew reminds us that those who are rich in the spirit and love shall receive more than they need.

Those of us who have accumulated wealth today are being urged to be rich in good deeds as well as be in a position to share with others. By doing so, we please God, gain spiritual wealth, and invoke the heavens to grant us more. God has promised to add us more of his riches when we prove to utilize well the little he has given us according to his directives. He abundantly provides us with all that we need. His intentions are for us to enjoy his riches which are in plenty of his generosity.

Attract Financial Blessings 

Saint Matthew comes to guide us on how we can attract financial blessings from our creator. One of the ways is to obey his commands as it allures his blessings towards us. One who is blessed by God has the certainty of succeeding in everything they do. 

Another way is to seek assistance from God in everything we do and embark on a path of salvation. We shall be near God when we concede to surrender our lives to Christ for salvation comes with many rewards and fulfilment of all that we desire and as per God’s will. God wants us to honor him with our wealth to attract immense financial blessings. As long as we keep our faith in God and follow these ways, we shall activate financial blessings.

Assuming God’s Directives

Our blessings are connected to how we manage and grow God’s gifts to us. Remember the parable of the gold coins?

Three servants were given coins depending on their capability. The one with five gold coins invested and got five more, the one with two coins brought two more, while the one with a single gold coin buried it, and it was taken away from him and given to the one with more.

Similarly, God checks whether we are multiplying what he has given us. If we do not give him a share of the earned money when we multiply, we crash our financial abundance. If you turn out to be the type who spends your money without seeking God’s guidance, then you will continue being deprived of money until you concede to following his directives. 

Saint Matthew is reminding us that our wealth belongs to God. We ought to give God the authority of our life because he loves us and does not want us to suffer while on his earth but instead to see us successfully utilize his resources.

Help Build God’s Assets 

We often tend to work very hard to grow our assets for future-income generation. In the same spirit, God wants us to help him build his assets. The way he is available to us by fellowship is the same way he expects us to take part in assisting him to acquire many souls to believe in him. We are all God’s most important assets. His business here on earth is to capture as many people as possible as believers who will accept to live and act for his glorification. He needs us to help him grow his assets by talking about him to the non-believers. 

Challenges and misery should never make us feel distant from God and his word. They should draw us closer to him for amid challenges is a blessing in waiting. The moment we resorted to living in salvation, is the time we gave up our lives to God, and it is no longer ours. Therefore, do not grow weak in the divine work of the Lord for your life will prove to be incomplete until you can influence others to join you and dine with Christ. 

Prayer to Saint Matthew

“Dear Saint Matthew, I am grateful for informing me on how I can attract financial blessings.

Help me never wane from building God’s assets by sharing his word of God to those who do not know of him to remain effective in bringing people to his Kingdom.

Help me realize that I am blessed and have God’s wonderful gifts within me.

Guide me to use them to the fullest, and to multiply God’s gifts, so that I may benefit everyone around me.

I lift up all my financial worries and struggles to you,

Please intercede for me and fill me with the wisdom to accumulate wealth that is pleasing to God.”


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