St. Jude – Avoid Unnecessary Accidents

Although nobody desires to be involved in an accident as they are unplanned, the least we can do is to put in place preventive measures to minimize them. In addition, we need to take up an accident plan to minimize the consequences in a situation where we are involved in accidents. 

The patron saint of desperate cases, Saint Jude, is here to reveal to us that we can avoid unnecessary accidents in all aspects of our lives especially if we know what we are supposed to do. Proverbs 18:15 states that “An intelligent heart acquires knowledge, and the ear of the wise seeks knowledge.”

As children of God, we are privileged to know him in a personal capacity as well as experience him. We have the bible as our course text so that we can gain more information about him and what he desires we do, thus if we choose to disobey him, then the fault will be entirely ours.

Making Spiritual Claims

Supposing one is involved in an accident and they have an accidental plan, the action to take is to make a claim so that they can be compensated. The accidental plan covers the damages that have occurred hence saving the insured party from incurring plenty of losses.

How many times have we been in trouble yet we fail to call upon the Lord? We are children of God and heirs of his kingdom yet we fail to lay claim when the need arises. 

Saint Jude is assuring us that we should not be hesitant to seek help from God when the need arises. Instead of seeking other alternatives, he should be our first option.

Sometimes our faith is so little that we think he would not come to our aid if we sought him but that is where we go wrong. We tend to move in circles seeking solutions yet if only we called out to him, our needs would have been met and we would not need to struggle.

The book of Psalms 50:15 states that “Call upon me on the day of trouble; I will rescue you, and you will give me glory.”

God has given us the assurance that he will rescue us when we are in trouble thus we only need to make our claims by calling upon him. 

Protecting Our Souls

The path of every living human being to an eternal life is through death. While our bodies are going to die and decompose, our souls will live forever thus we need to protect and guard them.

If we are involved in physical accidents, it is our bodies that get hurt yet on the other hand, we might look healthy but our spirits are in casualty.  

Spiritual accidents mainly occur when we fall into temptations. As Christians we are called upon to be alert and conscious for attacks from the enemy happen at any time.

Just like the devil had to wait until 40 days when Jesus was in the wilderness and he knew that he was hungry, temptation will occur when we are most vulnerable. The devil waits in shadows for the perfect moment of weakness to strike. We are called to remain vigilant and rooted in faith at all times.

Saint Jude is revealing to us that we need to ensure that we are firmly founded on God so that no temptation can shake us. If we seek the holy spirit and ensure he takes control of our lives, we will be in a position to recognize when the devil shows up and thus protect our souls.

Receiving Spiritual Coverage

The journey of life is very risky especially when one lacks coverage. As children of God we have been provided with the blood of Jesus to cover us and offer us maximum protection throughout the journey.

It is unfortunate that most of us do not know the power that lies in the coverage that we have been given thus we fail to utilize it and end up getting involved in avoidable spiritual accidents.

Saint Jude is revealing to us that we need to seek spiritual coverage by inviting the presence of God into our lives every day. We need to let him drive us through this journey for he is aware of the destination that suits us best.

Most times he seeks to take the steering wheel yet we deny him thinking that we have our journey figured out while in reality we are headed towards a black spot. The secret to spiritual coverage is allowing God to lead us.

Prayer to Saint Jude

“Dear Saint Jude, thank you for revealing to me the secret to avoiding spiritual accidents and receiving maximum coverage.

Be there for me in urgent times and steer me away from evil and corruption.

I put my steadfast faith in the Lord and trust that he will guide me to the best direction suited for me in life.

May I always place my hope in Christ.”


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