St. Peter Canisius

Feastday: 21 December
Born: 1521
Death: 1597
Patron Saint of: Germany, students

Saint Peter Canisius was a Jesuit priest, theologian, and writer who lived in the 16th century. He was born in Nijmegen, Netherlands, in 1521 and was a prominent figure in the Catholic Counter-Reformation, a movement that sought to reform the Church and counter the Protestant Reformation.

St. Canisius is known for his strong defense of Catholic doctrine and his efforts to promote the Catholic faith in Germany, where he worked as a missionary and teacher.

He is well known for his powerful sermons and eloquent manner of proclaiming the gospel of our Lord. In addition to his work as a theologian, Canisius was also a pioneer in the field of education, establishing a number of schools and colleges throughout Europe.

In 1925, St. Peter Canisius was canonized and declared a doctor of the Church and represents to us a model of faith, continuous learning and strong devotion to Christ even in trying times.

saint peter canisius

Titles of St. Peter Canisius

  • Doctor of the Church

The title of “Doctor of the Church” is a prestigious honor given by the Church to certain saints who have made a significant contribution to the Church through their writings or teachings. Only 36 saints have been given this title. Peter Canisius was recognized as a person of great learning & wisdom and he’s teaching have made a lasting contribution to the growth of the Catholic church.


“For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them.”

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