The True Symbolic Meaning Behind The Christmas Tree – What’s The Significance for Catholics?

The significance of christmas

The Star

The star sits right at the top and reminds us that God is always guiding us in our lives. Just as the three wise men followed the star of Bethlehem to pay homage to the newborn Christ, so to are we reminded to keep God in our minds throughout the festivities of the day!

The Body of the Tree

Symbolizes the body of Christ and how we are all connected through the birth of the baby Jesus.


The Christmas Lights

A reminder to us the Jesus is the light of the world and lights up the darkness of sin and grants us a new beginning.

The Hanging Decorations

The bells and adornments that we attach to the tree symbolizes the joyfulness and happiness as we celebrate the birth of our savior.

The Gifts

When the three wise men appeared at the manager where Christ was born, they presented gifts fit for a king to pay respect to the Son of Man. Christmas is a time of giving, but we should not exchange gifts simply out of tradition. As Catholics our gifts must be for the sake of the glorification of God and to spread his Joy & Peace to others!

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