Archangel Azrael – Mortgaging Faith As The Security To an Abundant Life.

The benevolent transformer of mental and emotional anxieties, Archangel Azrael, is here to inform you that whenever you feel like giving up, just trust that everything will be fine. 

There are times when things don’t turn out like we expected them to and life becomes too tough. When things begin to go south for us, we often tend to distance ourselves from others and disengage from the things that initially made us happy.

Whenever you are facing such troubles in life, lack a support system, and feel alone, your guardian angel is reminding you that he has always been by your side and he will never leave you. 

Mortgaging On Your Trust In God

Whenever we are in situations that we have no control over, we should never let go of trust in God. Even when things look broken beyond repair, we ought not to harbor any doubt in His power to make things right.

Mortgaging our lives by placing trust in God is the utmost foundation that will see us experience miracles in our daily lives. In Mark Chapter 4: 35-41, we see Jesus with his disciples on a boat trying to cross the sea to the other side after leaving the crowd behind. A furious wind storm arises which makes the waves beat the boat making it full.

However, Jesus is sleeping and his disciples wake him up as they panic asking him whether he does not care if they drown. Jesus wakes up and rebukes the wind and it suddenly calms down. He then asks the disciples why they are so fearful and lack faith.

They get mesmerized by the type of man he is; whom even the winds and the seas obey. Sometimes there are furious storms in our lives that make us fear the outcomes. We often forget that the man capable of calming those storms is our father. Our problems make us wander all over looking for solutions everywhere except in the right place.

Archangel Azrael is letting you know that God your father is capable of calming the storms in your life. He knows what you are experiencing even before you open up to him. Just place your trust in Him and let him take the lead in your life.

The Mortgage On Trusting Yourself

“Do you trust yourself?” This is a question posed to us today, to help us look deeper within our innermost selves and find out the answer. 

Sometimes we get carried away by the habit of trusting others that we end up forgetting that we are our biggest cheerleaders. We often spend our entire lifetime trying to seek validation from others through pleasing them with our deeds. The tragic thing is that; whenever others fail to trust us, we end up doubting ourselves even without trying.

Your guardian angel is here to let you know that trusting yourself is important as it spares you from the emotional anxieties that come as a result of basing your capability on others’ opinions about you.

If you feel anxious and begin to experience insecurities about yourself, your guardian angel is here to help you resolve that. 

In The Face Of Anxieties

Most are the times we worry too much about the things we cannot change. We stress ourselves too much over the things we have no control over. We place too much trust in people and expect too much from them. However, tragedy occurs when the people we have placed our trust in happen to betray us, we are left broken and emotionally heartbroken.

Your guardian angel reminds you that it is important to place your trust in the right people and most importantly to trust in God in all circumstances. Whenever you feel anxious and lost, trust in your guardian angel and let him transform your mental and emotional anxieties. You may invoke Azrael into your life through this prayer:

“Oh Archangel Azrael, my pillar of support, I look up to you in my moments of anxiety, I thank you for being my pillar. I implore you to forever be by my side so that I will never have to feel alone. I trust in your protection and guidance on the right path. Amen.”

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“For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them.”

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