St. Christopher – Dear One, Life is Full of Unplanned Risks But You Have Been Insured With The Promises of God. Entrust Your Life to Him, All Will Be Well.

We each are on our own individual journeys that are fraught with challenges, adversity and trials. We are never exactly sure of where the road will take us or if we will arrive at our destination safely.

For all our technology, scientific advancements and the knowledge that humankind has acquired all these years, we are never fully certain of the next step that we must take. The surest thing that we can do as Christians is is to place our trust in a firm, understanding and ever-powerful God.

My Child I am asking you this day to travel in faith. For your beloved saints & angels have been put forth by the Lord to guide you in your path and steer you towards the light. Nothing shall come your way that you are unable to overcome.

Believe that in spite of the challenges that arise as you live, it will not reach a point where you start to be skeptical about the faith you have in your creator. Do not fear since in the long run, everything will absolutely fall into place as it should.

Securing the Lord’s Travel Insurance

Just as you take up travel insurance to cover you in case of catastrophes that might arise as you travel, I challenge you to take up God’s travel insurance which covers your compensation immediately you step out of the door. It is readily available for all who turn to him in the spirit of absolute faith. You will be shielded from harms that have been planned against you by your foes.

The best thing about having the Lord’s protection plan is that when combined with faith, it creates an impenetrable fortress of love. Material possessions and worldly pleasures have no hold over us when it is only God’s love that we seek. There is hope that the chances of any accidents are minimal and in case the inevitable occurs, one will receive compensation that is ten times better than the earthly insurance.

As your saint, I am passionate about the wellbeing of each one of you, a reason I recommend you apply for this type of insurance. To do so, compared to the earthly insurance that needs you to have finances, for God you only need to have faith and give up your life to Christ to be his follower. Also, recognize God’s relevance in your life and he will not be hesitant to accord you his assistance. Aim to live for the Lord and there is no obstacle that will conquer you in any way. Adhere to his instructions and trust your intuitions as he will use that to direct your life journeys. 

The Lord’s divine coverage will come in handy where it will have commendations attached to it. They are meant to aid you move into the next level and offer compensation for the time you took to mend from the outcomes the accident brought. You will attain financial breakthrough and protection from the reoccurrence of any tragedies that occur when you are journeying through life.

Receiving Energy from the Higher Power 

God is willing not only to channel energy to help you as you travel but also to assist in your works. As a result, you will attain results that are way much different from your previous as they will be much higher. 

Dear one, be glad of this chance of getting your energy renewed which means that God has good plans for your future. His mercies have been upon you since some people have not made to see this far. As your saint, I am urging you that once you get the renewed energy, ensure that you use it to glorify God. He will certainly bring you to places you never thought were your reach.

Introduce people to the process to follow so as they can also have their energy renewed which is by assenting to the steps of the Lord. By doing so, you are exceeding benedictions in your life basket. Your worries about how you will survive are going to be part of stories of the past.

Hope That Fuels You to Your Destination

What is the transport vehicle that you shall choose to get to your eventual destination? Just as a car requires fuel in order to move to different places, so too does our spirit require sustenance.

When we lose hope, it is akin to our gas tanks running thin. You need to constantly fuel your spirit with hope in the Lord to keep moving forward along the right path. The Lord presents so many opportunities and miracles in our lives to spur us on when we feel defeated.

A life of sin and seeking short-term pleasures depletes us fast, but when you hold on to gratitude in your heart even during those dark times, you shall always be delivered by the steadfast hands of the Lord.

As you study and apply the word of Christ while petitioning on occasions, your spirituality is likely to experience growth and focus. As your saint, I am encouraging you to utilize the spirit in you to spread the word of God to others and win more souls for him. Enlighten others of the scripture and use his power to proclaim it to nations. This way, you’ll be attracting blessings to yourself while activating your faith to help you as you walk in the power of the Holy Spirit. 

Let Us Pray

“Dear God, I give thee thanks for your promise to journey with me throughout my life. Even when I hurt you with my selfish actions, you made the eternal promise never to forsake your children that turn to you. I cannot thank you enough for the insurance that you have bestowed onto me and I pray that you may persist being by my side as I continue fighting for what is right. Let me never stray from your path and always keep the teaching of our son in my mind. I pledge to seek you, and grow closer in love each day. St. Christopher, please pray for us. Amen.”

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“For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them.”

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