Saint Rita – Urgent Care in Times of Need

Faith Can Move Mountains And Therefore No Emergency Is Too Big For You To Overcome With Steadfast Faith In God.

Life is so unpredictable as it is filled with many turns and twists. At one moment you could be overjoyed because of the good things in your life and caught up in sadness and problems the next minute.

Life challenges are inevitable; it is more scary that they come when we least expect them to or when we are not prepared to face them. They become emergencies that need urgent attention failure to which will cause further damage. 

Saint Rita has been sent to you to inform you that you may run to God for assistance in those times of emergencies, he is your emergency room doctor. She is also urging you that you should not only seek God in those times you are faced by emergencies but at all times. 

Have Faith In Your Emergency Room Doctor.

Just as we have faith that the earthly emergency room doctors are able to heal us and get us back in shape, the same way we should turn to God as our emergency room doctor in times of adversities. In the times of trials it is very difficult for you to remain optimistic and are often overwhelmed by worry and anxiety. The troubles in your life have created so much darkness for you that you hardly see the light at the end of the tunnel. 

Saint Rita is speaking to you to assure you that you shall receive urgent care from God in times of storms therefore you should feel safe in his hands. She is urging you to diligently seek the face of the Lord in faith when overshadowed by difficulties and prepare mentally and accept the healing that you are guaranteed to receive from God.

He will stabilize your mental health state that has not been in harmony due to the stress and worry caused by your life problems. Saint Rita is reminding us that unlike where we need an emergency room doctor only in those times of emergencies, we should seek God not only in our emergencies but at all times. She is urging us not to act as if we are “using” God by going to him only when we need him.

Patience Is Necessary In The Emergency Room

In those times we are faced with emergencies in our lives, we should be patient in the Lord. We often run out of patience as we desire to move away from the suffering as it is too much to bear. Saint Rita is urging you to be patient in the Lord amidst challenges for he shall come to your rescue at his right time and in the meantime you should mentally prepare for the grace and healing that will be bestowed upon you. 

She assures you that your suffering is temporary and that you should trust in God’s timing as it is always the best. She advises that the same patience you exhibit in an earthly emergency room should be exercised when waiting on God in your adversities for a breakthrough and healing.  She promises to intercede for you in those times of troubles especially those times you feel weak to sustain and keep you going. She guarantees you of the urgent care that you shall receive from God as your emergency room physician in all aspects of your life.

Communication Is The Best Remedy

Whenever you feel that you need healing either spiritual or from the life challenges, it is necessary to communicate your needs to God as the emergency room physician. At times we feel that if we communicate on what ails us, people may not understand us or feel that they may judge us which makes us fail to communicate. 

At such times, Saint Rita is assuring you of God’s love despite whatever it is you have done or are going through, he shall listen to your needs and grant you the healing you need. She is calling you to turn to prayers in those times you are faced by life emergencies as prayer is the way we communicate our urgent needs to God as our emergency room doctor.  She reminds you of the ability of God and how he has the power to provide urgent care to your needs in all aspects of your life be it physical, spiritual or emotional. Unlike the earthly physician, God is not limited. She assures you that in those times you feel anxious and overwhelmed by the worries, the universe will back you up by assisting you navigate through your life emergencies. 

Follow Your Heavenly Prescription

Saint Rita reminds you that in the times you feel that you are weakened and defeated by the emergencies in your life, turn to the church as your emergency room and receive the word of God as the medication that will heal you and deliver you from your emergencies. The word of God serves as the dose that will help you with the healing by comforting, strengthening and guiding you all through your life emergencies. At times how we lead our lives for instance leading a sinful life exposes us to life emergencies and the word of God will guide you on how to live righteously. 

Saint Rita reminds you that you have to prepare yourself in times of need by equipping yourself with the word of God so that you may remain strong in faith and hopeful that all shall be well.  She assures you that churches are the emergency rooms in which you should turn to entrust yourself to the urgent care of God’s healing in times of need. If you follow the emergency room doctor’s prescription and dosage you are guaranteed to be healed similarly if you are guided by the word of God be sure to conquer over your battles and receive the healing you need as it shall nourish each and every aspect of your life.

Prayer To Saint Rita.

“Dear saint Rita, may you intercede for me in the times I am faced with life emergencies and challenges. 

That I may turn to God as my emergency life physician and his word in such times for healing rather than leaning on my own understanding and strength.

May you intercede for me in the times I feel weak and powerless against my life adversities for I trust your intercession will have me emerge victorious.”

Amen 🙏

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