A Prayer for a Blessed Christmas

Dear Father in Heaven,

Today I ask for You to prepare my heart this holiday season.

Fill me with joy and grace as I celebrate the most special time of the year.

As I navigate through all the hustle and bustle, any disappointments of the past few months,

I pray I will still experience the true meaning of Christmas.

I know You take delight in making me happy by giving me good and perfect gifts,

for You know the desires of my hearts, and the yearnings of my soul.

Grant me Your supernatural peace by releasing me from pride and wrong priorities.

Stir up good news and let me bring light and blessings to those that surrounds me.

Use me as a conduit to make an impact because I want to please You.

I am grateful for the amazing gift that You have given.

It may not be wrapped with the fanciest paper and the biggest bow,

but nothing can compare to that most generous and indescribable gift I have ever received.

I appreciate Your love by working on your rescue plan and giving me the gift of salvation through Your Son Jesus Christ.

He was born in a manger and became a sacrificial lamb by dying on the cross to pay for my sins just to be with You until eternity.

Let me reflect and not forget these truths.

It is because I am more than blessed to recall that I am
free because of His sacrifice.

You, Lord, deserve all the worship and praise.

In Jesus’ name, I pray.

Amen 🙏

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