Saint Eligius – Trading Up

Saint Eligius comes today to inform us about the need to consider trading up our lives to God in exchange for his incorporation. Just as trading up works, it would be the best decision in our life, if we choose to trade up our lives in exchange for something worthy.

Trading up to God will assist us in changing our views of him and powerfully impact our relationship with him. The saint is reminding us that having God in authority over our life eases our worries as we lead through life. This is because of the assurance of God’s intervention at all times. The time has come for you to trade up from the life you are living to experience a different way of doing life and this time with God. 

Assist In Winning Assets for the Lord 

We know that in life it is important to grow our assets in order to achieve financial freedom and stability. Similarly we should also seek to amass assets that will help to glorify the kingdom of God.

Such assets need not always be tangible, in fact most of the times they are unseen but have a far more profound impact. Things like growing our community, exploring a deeper level of faith and making daily prayers to the Lord all add to our mission of contributing to the Kingdom of God.

Because of His love for us, God doesn’t choose to simply build His kingdom on His own, but wants us to also play a significant role and make contributions. We are tasked to commit more people into the love of Christ and to grow his most valuable assets.

One of God’s greatest investment in us, was to send His son to suffer on the cross and pay for the sins of the world in our stead. By doing so, he restored our relationship and right to claim ourselves as heirs to his Kingdom. As believers of Christ, we should seek ways to give back to the Lord for his great love by growing his assets here on earth. Let us spread the gospel to those who do not know him.

Use God’s Assets to Trade For More

As children of God we have been blessed by so many gifts, skills and talents that have the potential to make a huge impact in the lives of others. Never underestimate the power of our God-given talents for he made us with strong purpose and great love.

St. Eligius reminds us that we should always put the assets to work and multiply, instead of keeping them hidden from the world.

Know that God calls us to be wealthy in His name. This does not refer to mere financial wealth, but also that of areas of the spirit, health, positivity and love. Those who honour God with their wealth will continue attract immense blessings in their lives.

He makes life smooth for those who trust in Him, and blesses us with gifts that will multiply. We who have tasted the fruit of God’s divine & everlasting love should not keep it to ourselves but share it with the world!

Trading Up For a Spiritually Rich Life

Every successful trade is always a win-win situation for parties involved. God’s kingdom isn’t a zero-sum game, we don’t have to trample on others in order to progress. In fact, every action we seek should be to prosper not only ourselves but also those around us.

God came to earth to teach us to love our neighbours as we love ourselves, and he also has plans for us to be wealthy and prosperous. They way to achieve this is by making trades that benefits everyone instead of only considering one point of view.

As Christians we are known for our empathy and care towards others. Let us always consider the needs of others and choose the best way to spread more love and joy into the world.

Saint Eligius knows your potential and will assist with guidance and wisdom for us to strike the balance in our lives. But we also need to make the effort. He reminds us that those who are most worried about their wealth and possessions are often the ones who tend to lose those.

God is the true provider of all wealth and everlasting riches and those who call upon him shall never be left wanting. We are urged to be rich in good deeds as well as be in a position to share with others.

Prayer to Saint Eligius

“Dear Saint Eligius, I acknowledge your efforts of bringing to my attention the need to trade up my life to one that has God in it for there is a prize of eternal life in store for me.

Help me to make full use of the assets that God has blessed me with.

May I go forth and multiply the divine blessings, spread the glory of God to others.

Grant me the grace to make decisions that will not only benefit myself but also others around me.

I will be the source of blessings for the people in my life.”


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“For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them.”

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