St. Francis of Assisi – Accepting God’s Gracious Gifts

When God decides to uplift you, he showers you with immense blessings and numerous gifts. Do you ever look at someone and wonder why they are doing way better than others? Or perhaps you admire someone and can’t understand how they get to be so lucky in life?

Well, St. Francis is revealing to you today that the secret of leading an fulfilling and inspired life is through accepting the gracious gifts of God.

It is sad that there are many times that God extends his arms to gift us yet we do not even recognize it. Other times we are distracted by the worldly desires that we have no space to receive the gifts. To accept the gifts of God, our saint today is telling us that we need to empty ourselves to create space for more gifts.

Gifts Of Healing

The world is full of sick people who are walking around yet they seem to be in good health. Through our worldly eyes, sometimes we get to pay much attention to the physically sick people and forget that sickness is not limited to what we see

What is disheartening is that most of the spiritually sick people have no idea that they are on their spiritual death bed. If you look around you from a spiritual perspective you might recognize that there are many people who are dying if they do not receive divine urgent healing.

When Jesus lived on earth, he performed plenty of miracles such as healing the sick both physically and spiritually. In the Book of Matthew 23:26, Jesus challenged the Pharisee to clean the inside of the cup instead of focusing on the outside. Just like the Pharisee, most times we focus on our outer illness and ignore the fact that we need inner healing too. 

St. Francis is revealing to us that most of us do not recognize that we have the gift of healing since we think of healing in terms of physical illnesses only. Perhaps you are wondering if you have the gift of healing. Here are some of the signs that indicate that you could be having the gift of healing;

  • People are always trusting you with confidential information because you are always ready to give an ear to them.
  • You feel satisfied whenever you inspire someone and they change positively.
  • You are able to comfort and offer support to the people who are in distress.
  • You always feel the need to reach out to the people who are suffering and you are naturally a philanthropist. 

Gifts Of Financial Benefit

As humans, most of the time we are obsessed with accumulating more and more money since money is associated with power. The more money we get, the more power and the higher our status rises in the society.

Money is important for survival yet it should not be the main focus in our life that distracts from accomplishing our God-given purpose. The book of Timothy 6:10 reminds us that the love of money is the root of all evil for many have wandered away from faith by craving money. 

Today’s saint is letting us know that when we receive the gifts of money from God, we need to be kind enough to others and make donations to those in need. Just like Jesus taught his disciples in Luke 12:33 that they should sell their possessions and give to the needy as well as have their treasure in heaven, we are reminded that our life on earth is for a moment hence we should not be selfish with the money gifts that we have.  

Gifts Of Service

Sometimes when we are called upon to participate in charity activities, we tend to shy away since we lack the gifts of money. We underestimate the importance and impact of the gifts of service. God has granted most of us the gifts of service in different capacities. Through our unique talents and abilities we all have something that we can offer the world and most especially those in need.

Saint Francis is letting us know that acts of service are capable of warming the coldest of hearts. Sometimes in our lowest moments we all need someone to speak life to us as well as offer us a shoulder to lean on. This is priceless and invaluable compared to any monetary gift received. 

Prayer To Saint Francis

“Dear Saint Francis, I thank you for your presence in my life today.

I plead with you to grant me the grace to recognize and accept God’s gifts in my life.

Please intercede for me and help me to recognize the gifts from God that are plenty and bountiful in my life.

Allow me the wisdom and determination to accept them and put them to use.

That these gifts may not only elevate me and my family, but also allow me to inspire others to journey in the ways of the Lord.

May God’s will be done in my life.”

🙏 Amen 🙏

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