Saint Isidore – Patron Saint Of Technology

Connecting With God And Letting Him Take Up The Space In Our Lives

Our Lady is sending the patron saint of computers, computer users, computer programmers, and the internet, Saint Isidore, to assure you that he is by your side when you face troubles. If you feel like you need to restart your relationship with God, he will help you.

When You Are Facing Poor Connection

As human beings, it is strange how we are quick to maintain a good relationship with God when we need Him to help us achieve something yet we are so quick to run away from His presence when He grants us.

On the other hand, we become so bitter when we pray to Him yet He does not grant us our desires.

Saint Isidore is revealing to us that our petitions should not be the determinant of our connection with God.

He urges us that faith in God should be the basis of our connection. Whether our petitions are answered or denied, faith in God will ensure we remain positive and strongly connected regardless. 

There are times we feel distant from God who is the Wi-Fi router hence we face poor connection. The solution is to move closer to the router and enjoy a strong connection.

Our faith is the cable that connects us to Him and ensures the connection cannot be broken. Saint Isidore is calling you to move closer to God and put all your trust in Him to ensure you have a good relationship and enjoy His goodness.

Whenever you feel distant from God, Saint Isidore who is your help desk will help you reconnect.

Interfacing With God

There are times when we feel like God does not exist just because things are not working out our way.

We feel like He is out of reach, has abandoned us and we cannot get through to him. Although we cannot see God physically, He is Omnipresent and sees even the darkest parts of our hearts.

Whenever we desire to speak and meet Him we are given that opportunity without any restrictions. 

Saint Isidore is revealing to you that prayer is the greatest way to interface with God. It is an opportunity not just to talk to Him, but also to meet him and feel His presence. Through prayer, our spirits meet God in the highest form of divinity, the saints and angels join us in exalting God.

Whenever you feel alone, Saint Isidore assures you that you are never alone. Prepare yourself, set up a meeting, and interface with God.

Creating Space

For software to work efficiently, we need to ensure our devices have enough space. Once our disks begin to run out of storage, our software becomes slower and our device begins to malfunction.

We tend to fill our lives with earthly activities and leave no space for God. Our brains are filled with worldly knowledge and we run out of space for getting more information on God.

When we focus too much on worldly things and ignore the heavenly things, our spiritual software begins to malfunction and it may eventually collapse if we do not upgrade urgently. 

Saint Isidore is calling you today to create space for God in your life and make Him the Central Processing Unit so that you can function fully. Delete the unnecessary things taking up your storage and let the Holy Spirit take over that space.

Rebooting Your Software

Sometimes we feel like God is done with us, we feel like our device will no longer be used just because our software has been corrupted.

We think that the time to shut down or collapse has reached and we are ready to give up. Today Saint Isidore is revealing to us that we are wrong.

God loves us and He would never give up on us at any moment even when we give up on ourselves. Just when we think it’s time to shut down, he corrects us that it is time to reboot our software.

Instead of sitting down and crying, thinking we have lost everything, it is time to leave everything to God and let Him execute the boot process and reset our device entirely.

While he is rebooting, we need to trust in Him without any worry or doubts. He is our software developer and He knows whatever may be wrong with us. He will key in the ideal codes and solve any challenges we may be experiencing.

Saint Isidore is assuring you of His intercession to God to help you hold onto life and strengthen your faith in Him.

Prayer To Saint Isidore

“Dear Saint Isidore, I trust in your intercession that I may be closer to God and enjoy a closer connection with Him. Help me create space for Him in my life and grant me the grace to Interface with Him whenever I feel like He is far from me. Please grant me the grace and courage to reboot my life and begin a new life in God. Amen”  

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