Saint Expeditus – Patron Saint Against Procrastination

Our lady is sending to you the patron saint against procrastination, Saint Expeditus, to inform you that you need to make a transfer of your faith now and stop procrastination.

There are many times we want to better our relationship with God but we keep postponing and claiming that we will begin a prayer routine tomorrow. However, the truth is that “tomorrow” will never come. Saint Expeditus is urging us to start our faith transfer journey “today”.

Making A Faith Transfer

There are days when our spirit is weak and our faith is not sufficient to bring miracles into our lives. The reason we need to associate with people who believe in God is that sometimes we will be spiritually weak and we will need to rely on the faith of the people around us to plead to the heavens on our behalf.

Saint Expeditus is letting you know that there are people around you who need to restore their faith as well as those who need to know God.

You are tasked with the responsibility of transferring your faith to them so that they may also experience the joy and happiness that comes with being a believer.

In Matthew 15:22-28, Jesus cast out demons from a girl as a result of the mother’s faith.

Despite the woman being a gentile and Jesus being hesitant to perform the miracle for her, she argues with Jesus and demonstrates to him the reason she needs the miracle. For this reason, her faith makes her daughter healed. Saint Expeditus assures you that you can always count on him as well as the angels to intercede for you and make a faith transfer when yours is not sufficient.

Securing Your Transfer

Sometimes we make the mistake of praying with our mouths yet our souls are wandering far away.

We tend to worship God with our lips while our hearts are distanced from him. When this happens, we tend to question why the results are not visible and no blessings have been transferred to us.

Saint Expeditus is revealing to you that just like an online transfer cannot go through when the connection is poor, we cannot receive divine transfers while we are not connected to God. He is reminding us that connecting with God is not a physical aspect but a spiritual one in which our entire being is linked to Him.

Sometimes when our minds and souls are not connected to God, we risk other people robbing what is supposed to be transferred to us.  You are called upon today to ensure you link your entire being to God and have no doubts whenever you are praying to Him.

Verifying The Payments Details Before Making A Transfer

Before we make any payment transfer, we need to verify whether all details are right and especially the receiver’s account number. This minimizes our chances of making a payment to an unintended recipient.

If we do not verify, we may end up losing the money completely or having delays in the process of getting the transfer reversed thus inconveniencing the receiver.

Saint Expeditus is revealing to us that we need to be very careful on who we are putting our faith onto. Sometimes we become so self-indulgent that we put all faith in ourselves and forget that God is the recipient.

Instead of transferring into His account, we pay back into our accounts. We need to be cautious when we pray to avoid instances where our prayers are directed to the wrong address.

Saint Expeditus promises to intercede for you to ensure your faith and devotions always go to the right address.

Getting The Right Spiritual Currency

Upon receiving a payment transfer, we ensure to get the money in the right currency accepted in our region, so that we can be able to use it.

Saint Expeditus is warning us that sometimes we get the wrong spiritual currency then we do not recognize it but instead we go ahead and try and use then wonder why we cannot see results.

This often happens when we pray to God for certain things without letting Him act according to the plans He has for us. We are reminded that God is our father and He does not transfer to us what we want but what we need. When we keep on insisting on what we want, we risk receiving the wrong spiritual currency.

Saint Expeditus is revealing to you that it is best not to worry yourself but instead keep trusting in God and have faith in His plans for you. He loves you and will always grant you the right spiritual currency. Your guardian angels and saints are interceding for you.

Prayer To Saint Expeditus

“Dear patron saint against procrastination, I thank you for equipping me with the knowledge necessary to help me make the right spiritual transfer. I beseech thee to give me the strength to take immediate action of transferring my faith and defeating the spirit of procrastination that holds me back. I trust in your intercession that I may be able to lead a life that pleases God and ensure my transfer always goes to the right address. Amen.” 

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