St. Agnes – Lift Up Your Worries to God, For Your Sake No Risks Are Too Great or Challenges Too Big For Him to Overcome

Let today’s message be strong reminder that God has put in place controls to keep your life secure. Though you have faced challenges before and life is undoubtedly fraught with risk lurking about at every corner, I want you to know that whatever you pursue wholeheartedly and in good faith, you shall always be victorious in the Lord.

It is true that potential dangers are all around, the evil one makes desperate attempts to sway believers from their righteous path. But know this Beloved One, the biggest risk in life is not taking any at all, and living life unfulfilled.

For you see all of God’s greatest saints are recognized because they have overcome great adversity. For it is when we triumph in spite of the danger of harm where we experience the most growth. Never let fear & negative emotions control your life.

As long as you comply with the regulations as set forth by the Heavenly Father, He will see to it that you will make it through all adversity.

Master Fear, By Managing Risk

Not all risk is wicked, and not all of life challenges are evil. It is important to know that in order for us to make full use of the talents that God has invested in us, we need to take calculated risks for the betterment of ourselves and for His kingdom.

The apostles of Christ went through great lengths in our to spread his Gospel to the ends of the earth, without which none of us would have experienced the salvation and graces of the Lord. They did this despite being persecuted and the risk of failure and scorn.

It is never easy to put ourselves in situations where there is likelihood of failure, but as Christians we are blessed by the grace of the spirit and are called to be different from the rest of common folk.

Remember the story of Peter who denied the love of Christ three times before realizing his folly and relenting? Let us never seek to deny God’s love to others by living life without risk, but to take control of the opportunities presented to us and make full use of our God-given skills, talents and assets.

Instead you must learn to manage risk, by putting in place controls and compliance measures that will protect you and your stakeholders. Turn to the Lord in your moments of weakness or when you feel surrounded by insurmountable forces. He will shower you with great deliverance in your hour of need.

“My God, my rock of refuge! My shield, my saving horn, my stronghold, my refuge, my savior, from violence you keep me safe. Praised be the LORD, I exclaim! I have been delivered from my enemies.”

– 2 Samuel 22:3-4

Compliance With God’s Word

One way to do this is through prayer and reflection. Daily devotionals and bible readings allow you to reflect on how God is working in your lives. Through this practice, we can gain a deeper understanding of God’s will for us, and make decisions that align with His plan.

God’s word is the light that will guide you through dark moments. Before you jump into major decisions, it is good to always take a second to reflect if such an act would serve to glorify God. By making strong habits to comply with the directives of Our Lord, you not only open yourself to His graces, but your faith shall be rewarded in due time.

My dear children, managing risk and making full use of God’s investments is not easy. It requires discipline, self-awareness, and a deep trust in God’s plan. But by putting in place controls and compliance measures, reflecting on God’s word, and managing our emotions, we can navigate the challenges of life with grace and wisdom.

So let us take up this challenge with courage and faith, knowing that God is with us every step of the way.

Let Us Pray

"Heavenly Father, we ask for Your protection from the dangers and risks that life presents. We pray for the courage to follow Your directives, and for the strength to persevere in faith, even in the face of adversity. We trust in Your love and mercy, and through the intercession of St. Agnes, we pray for Your guidance and protection. Amen."
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