St. Homobonous – Your Divine Payday

How you ever wondered the purpose for our existence? Why we do what we do every day and if our work here on earth ultimately holds any meaning?

For the non-religious, life is simply a matter of day to day getting by and our actions are determined based on whim and fancy. But we the faithful in Christ know that God has designed each and every person with a purpose that only he can comprehend. We are called upon to work towards our mission on earth for at the end of our lifetime we shall be called upon to give an account of our work.

Having God as our employer allows us to know with certainty that our efforts will not go to waste, and our good work will bear fruit. We are toiling for the divine payday that will surely come at the end of our lives, one where we shall be paid according to the work we have done.

God As Your Employer

In the story of creation in the bible, it is highlighted in Genesis 2:15 that God took man and placed him in the garden of Eden to work in it and keep it. He further instructed man to subdue the earth and have dominion over every living creature. Today, Saint Homobonus is announcing to us that by virtue of being descendants of Adam and Eve, God is our employer and we as the employees of his kingdom ought to work appropriately to ensure we reap maximum benefits.  

A question to pose to ourselves today is, when we are doing work here on earth, do we seek to satisfy our direct employers or are we doing good work in the name of God? Just as we work the 9-5 in order to earn income for survival, a more pressing need to address is the need for our spiritual survival.

Thus as we go into the world to stake our claim, we should be so as proud employees of the Almighty Father, and take joy in carrying out his work in our time.

Your Divine Interview

Saint Homobonus brings us a message today that we are being invited for a divine interview in the heavenly kingdom. In a job context, preparing for an interview for a job we love can cause anxiety as we are afraid that we do not excel. It is then important to try and research on the type of questions that will be typically asked and to know a bit more on the people who will be assessing our performance.

In God’s divine interview, we can always prepare by reading the bible which is our reference guide so that we can expand our knowledge concerning the kingdom and the heavenly panel. Receiving an invitation for the divine interview means that we have been successful in our application. Our prayers have finally been heard and they are being analyzed by the heavenly panel.

Perhaps you have been like Hannah of the bible who kept praying for a child and just like Peninnah mocked her, your enemies may be laughing at you and mocking you that you are a believer yet your prayers do not get answered. Do not lose your faith in God or become impatient for he hears your prayers and the saint of the day has assured you that the time is ripe for your divine interview.

Taking Up Your Vocation

In the call of Jeremiah the prophet, God informed him that he knew him even before he created and placed him in his mother’s womb as well as the purpose he had in life, after Jeremiah tried to argue that he was too young to be a prophet. Sometimes we try to evade taking up responsibility in life by giving vague excuses as to why we are not well suited. However, the reality is that God created each one of us with a special purpose hence we all have missions to execute in life while we still exist. 

Saint Homobonus is warning us that we should not be deceived that we are useless or inferior in comparison to other people. You may be at a point where you do not know what your talents are and you are yet to realize your mission in life. Do not worry for we all struggle with our identity at one point in time. The people you see and you feel a sense of admiration towards them because you think that they have got it all figured out were once in a trance with no idea of the direction to steer towards in life. 

Whenever you feel lost, call upon Saint Homobonus and pray that he intercedes for you in the heavenly panel that the light may be cast upon your path and you may gain your clarity of purpose. Do not be lost trying to copy what others are doing for you are a unique creation of God and your destinies are different. Look within your inner self and therein you will discover your vocation. Upon realizing your purpose in life, waste no more time for it is unfortunate that in the kingdom of God the laborers are few yet the harvest is abundant. 

Prayer To Saint Homobonus

“Dear Saint Homobonus, many times I forget that I ought to work for God while I lead my life on earth for he is my employer.

I thank you for always reminding me to work hard and ensure my employer is satisfied by my results.

I beseech thee to keep interceding for me that I may meet the expectations of God so that I may be rewarded well during the divine payday.”

🙏 Amen 🙏

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