St. Gregory – Dear Child, I Have Come to Separate You From The Grip of Sin. I Have Seen Your Determination, God’s Kingdom Lies Within Your Custody.

Divorce The Heart From Temptation

The path that you chosen defines you as a person. The fact that you are here right now reading this message is evidence that you wish for good.

There are some who often wonder, if we are always tainted by the doctrine of original sin how then can we achieve vindication? Wouldn’t we always be under suspicion and judgment? If we can never truly “overcome” sin then should we even try at all?

I am here to tell you that just because we have been born into an imperfect world of sin does not mean that you will leave it the same. The many saints and holy figures that have gone before you were never perfect. Yet the always sought to follow the example of Christ in every way that was possible to them.

Those who pose these questions must first cross-examine themselves for they have forgotten the divine sacrifice of Christ. Did the Lord not send His son with the clear mission of cleansing us from all that we have done wrong? Did Christ give up his blood on the cross for us to question whether we should contemplate following the righteous path?

My dear brethren, today I wish for you to put aside all doubts in your salvation and take heart in the plans of the Lord. Christ is the Divine Mercy, the purest form of compassion and grace that forgives all who turn to him. There is no ratification, no seeking repayment for the damages that we have caused. The only restorative justice that he seeks is for you to accept the path of goodness in your life.

Take heart and rejoice in the Lord! What a great and merciful God! What grace and splendor that he has saved us from eternal of misery and has shown us the path to share in His goodness.

Commit Yourself to the Custody of Christ

Even before you were formed in the womb, God knew you and he already claimed custody of you. Just as God has called you into existence out of love, He sustains you every waking moment and will never stop loving you. All the blessings in your life have sprung forth from the work of God. He calls us to reconcile with him for the sake of our good, and to be the ambassadors of the name of Christ on earth.

Being a part of the one body of Christ does not mean that you will be untouched by temptations. Yet God shall always be with you amidst the trials on earth.

As 1 Corinthians 10:13 states, “there is no temptation that has outdone you other than that which is familiar to humanity. The Lord is always faithful; he is not going to allow you to get allured to what you cannot persevere and when you are enticed to sin, he will secure you a way out to help you bear it.”

The Heavenly Father accepts you in spite of any imperfection, for His love shall illuminate your soul and make you whole once again. He has claimed divine custody over your soul, and His heavenly saints & angels keep watch over you faithfully as your designated guardians.

It is the nature of sin that causes suffering, strife and despair in the world. Yet no harm may draw close to you whilst you walk in His ways. You are asked to accept Christ in your journey, no just in words but in your heart and actions.

My Child, Support For Your Proceedings Will Be Swift & Just

Your petitions and cries for justice have been heard. Do not turn to despair when faced with rejection, but know that all that stands between you and complete union with the promises of God is matter of faith.

Though you may encounter hardships when walking the righteous path, those who place their faith in the Lord will not only overcome, but receive equitable distributions in the time of His kingdom.

Let Us Pray

"Dear God, thank you for unwavering support in my hour of need. I bless your Holy name and call upon your divine strength to overcome the nature of sin. It is my fullest intention to seek you in all things, to be a part of your divine providence. Lord, I am in your custody. Lead me along the right path, and though they may be difficult at times, I will never stop trusting in you. Amen."
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“For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them.”

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