St. Catejan – Financial Abundance is Flowing

As we live, we endeavour to have financial freedom so as to cater for our needs. Most of us are unable to meet our needs because we deny God a chance in our lives.

Saint Catejan comes to us to let us know that when we have the Lord in our life, we will not suffer through insufficiency for such earthly desires are well under his power. He is also reminding us that God wants us to not only desire financial freedom but also to be rich in good deeds. 

You Will Receive God’s Blessings In Abundance

One who obeys the Lord, and asks for anything from him receives it in accordance to the riches in his son’s glory including having finances in abundance. God’s providence will never end for his wealth is plenty and enough for everyone. When you accept to live in Christ and obey his father’s word, you will not suffer through inadequacy. You will acquire his blessings if you are righteous enough to show mercy and give to the poor. You will be denied his blessings if you are given something as debt and refuse to repay.

Saint Catejan is coming today to pass you a message that God will test you by giving you little and by the way you utilize it will determine whether he can trust you with the riches of heaven. Those who have chosen to have God in their lives are given the privileges of his kingdom. His blessings bring financial abundance without painful toil for it.

You will experience favor wherever you go, be successful in everything you do, have a grateful heart when you receive his blessings. Saint Catejan is warning you of forgetting God when your needs are met and in financial abundance for your riches would sprout and fly off to the sky like an eagle and left with nothing. It is the Lord who sends poverty and wealth as well as humbles and exalts. The saint tells us that if we use our wealth for his glory by for instance giving to those in need, he will add us more blessings. 

God’s Plan For Your Future  

We put in savings for us to enjoy greater security in our life or that of our heir. Due to the uncertainty of life, emergencies needing money would come up hence consuming all our savings. To avoid such instances, we are encouraged by Saint Catejan to entrust our lives to God so that we can be shielded from damages that would lead to incurring expenses on our wellbeing.

The saint tells us that when we see danger we ought to take refuge and by this we should save so that we will not be subjects of debt. God only wants us to be indebted to loving one another. God says that if he clothes the grass, feeds his creatures and they haven’t asked him, what should make us think that he would not do the same for us and yet we are his favorites.

Saint Catejan encourages us to redeem our lives to a new life so that we can avoid being worried about our tomorrow. God only has good plans for us that will see us prosper and give us a hope for our future and not to see us cause harm to ourselves and consume our savings. It is through the Lord that we will secure ourselves a good life. 

Invest Your Life in God’s Work

For one to maximize their finances, they find profitable projects unto which they make investments on. Similarly to stand at a place where you will inherit the kingdom of God, is the need to invest your life in the work of the Lord. Saint Catejan is here to tell you that investing your life to get more knowledge about your creator is practiced by showing love to him and to others.

When you do so you will have strength to endure challenges on earth and always receive his blessings. You will be held accountable by God on how you invest your lives. He expects you to make a contribution in your lives and not to live as consumers of the earth. When you invest your time making efforts to know the Lord, accepting his son in your hearts and working towards practicing his word, you make a difference for eternity.

Saint Catejan is revealing to us that we will not leave this earth with anything but a soul that has lived to glorify God. When we live in accordance with God’s will we will have glorified his name. The saint encourages us to stop wasting time on living in fear and doubt on the ways of the Lord because of the challenges we face. He tells us to invest our lives wisely prioritizing doing God’s work before any other thing.

God As Your Provider

Everyone wants a means of livelihood, one that they utilize for them to live a satisfactory life. We all desire a job that has good income streams. Saint Cajetan is telling us that it is God who provides one with a place to which they can get money if at all they believe in him.

God wants us to take advantage of every opportunity that he presents to us. He is the source of your life despite you earning income from whatever job you got. He gives you the strength to carry out the tasks given to you for you to earn money. He has abundant resources and means for us to flourish in life. Saint Catejan asks us to commit ourselves to live for God so that he will not reject his blessings from coming our way. 

Prayer to Saint Catejan

“Dear Saint Catejan, I appreciate you for revealing to me what to do to earn God’s blessings.

Knowledge about financial freedom is vital and learning from you is a blessing.

You have taught me on how to invest my life aiming at the great reward of eternal life.

Help me follow ways that please the Lord so that his provision to me can always increase and never subdue.”

Amen 🙏

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