Saint Raphael – Recovery from Past Trauma

Have you ever thought to yourself: How could God let this happen to me? Why isn’t he here when I need Him the most? Why would He allow his people to suffer?

Without a doubt, everyone in life goes through some form of hardship and trauma. Even our Lord, Jesus Christ, paid the ultimate sacrifice on the Cross. At the climax of his suffering He uttered the words “Eli, Eli, lama sabachthani?” (My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?). Pain & hardship isn’t something that only evil people experience, but rather it is part of our human experience.

St. Raphael is sending us a reassuring message today that God isn’t a sinister entity that takes joy in our suffering, but rather a loving God that has allowed us to enjoy the fullness & richness of life. Our past hurt and trauma shouldn’t cause us to question God’s sovereignty but rather to a chance to renew our faith in Him. God cares deeply for you and his ultimate goal for us isn’t short term luxuries in life, but rather the eternal abundance and joy that we experience when we take our place alongside Him in Heaven.

Trauma caused in the past by either others or our own actions will not encumber us when we accept the grace of the living God. Some of the ways to attain recovery from either spiritual, mental, or physical trauma are by spending most of your time with God. Intend to love him more, utilize your time to read through his words, take responsibility for your actions, and make petitions seeking his assistance as you attempt to let go of the past trauma.

Your Spirituality Recovery

We experience pain, suffering and the consequences of our sins because God the all-powerful creator granted us the right of free will and to make choices for ourselves. Love would not exist if we were “forced” into it, but by making the choices we take in our every day lives we have the power to forge our own lives and also to growth in faith.

Sometimes we associate problems with God’s way of punishing us for the mistakes we often make. If these difficulties persist, we get angry with God and the thought that he can’t rescue us from them leads to spiritual trauma which we hold to date.

Know that God is fully present and His heart also pains when He sees us suffering because of our actions. God is the source of all goodness, healing, restoration & recovery and he truly wants the best for us. Despite our failing and trespasses against Him, God has created a way for all of us sinners to come into eternal relationship with Him.

Due to his mercies and love, we are able to earn his pardon over the mistakes we do. To recover your spirituality, it is time you confess your sins and ask for forgiveness from your creator. Make time to study his words, to comprehend more about what brings challenges in your life while growing your trust in him. This way you will heal from your past and bring advancement in your life. 

Recovering From Scars 

Scars left on our bodies are reminders of something that occurred in the past. Since they are not erasable, Saint Raphael suggests we use them as our strongholds as we fight through many tribulations. We are urged to refrain from having thoughts of how they were caused as they result in agitation which mostly leads to trauma that we are unable to overcome.

Remember that God does not look at your physical appearance for him to accept you in his kingdom. He still blesses you even when you have scars reminding him of how you went past his orders. He does not use that against you because he loves you. If the scar was brought to you by someone else, to forget and recover from it, you need to bring yourself to forgive the person. You have constantly done contrary to the orders of your creator, and when you regret these sins, God does not hesitate to forgive you. Much the same, forgiving others will assist you to have a speedy recovery.

Your body, mind, and soul need to be at peace so that you can reap good yields in your works. Forget the past and God is going to mould a new you who will respect and obey him with goals of alluring his blessings. 

Recovery of Our Mind

The thoughts you are having of the occurrences of the past greatly contribute to having unproductive days. This is because most of the time, you are thinking about why something happened to you and why it had to result in that way. Saint Raphael is telling you that God knows of your pain and is willing to help traverse that to happiness. Commence thinking of his goodness while having insights into how he elevates those who heed to his directives. 

When you start to have thoughts about transforming your life, you embark on your mental recovery journey. Engage in reading his word, praising and sending him your petitions as doing this will engage your mind in thinking of other things. Let it at all times be occupied with something that is meant to grow you into the kingdom of God.

This way, you will also learn to grow your life by engaging in matters that bring yields to you. The saint is urging you to keep your mind active to avoid retrieving back to the disappointments caused in the past. Having a robust mental capacity generates energy that leads to success.

Prayer to Saint Raphael

“Dear saint Raphael, I thank you for enlightening me on how to go about getting over my past which all this time has been delaying my past.

I now know how to recover my spirituality and attain both physical and mental growth.

Petition for me as I transition from my past into living a new life.

Heal me from all the trauma that I have been carrying through my life.

Today I commit all of my pain into the loving hands of Christ.

And I release them from my mental constraints.

I accept His divine love and beautiful energies with faith and conviction.

In Him, I am made whole.”

St. Raphael the archangel, pray for us.


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