St Cajetan – Handling Credit In Financial Crisis

St Cajetan, the patron of the unemployed, is sent to you today to encourage you to take heart in the midst of financial struggles.

Though it is tough now to manoeuvre through the piling bills and the lack of ability to satisfy your wants and needs, there is hope that things will get better, and even at this time, you shall not lack that which can sustain you.

You Are Never Alone In Your Earthly Financial Crisis

When we get stuck in financial problems, any kind of help that comes up is embraced. With a pandemic affecting every part of the world, many people have ended up losing jobs and businesses closing down.

Millions of people have lost their source of income without the possibility of getting another one. When we are alone, we might think that life is unfair to us and that we are suffering alone, but there are so many other people in the same situation, wondering where their next meal will come from, whether they will be able to pay their bills or even afford a roof over their heads.

St Cajetan intercedes sorrowfully to God for the sake of those who are struggling, and those who are falling into depression and despair. At this time, do not be choosy about what kind of job you can do, keep your pride, and your self-imposed position in society aside. Do any kind of job that can help you pull through as long as there is integrity in it.

Opt For Affordable Credit Options

In the Bible, the book of psalms notes that the righteous give generously but the wicked borrow and do not repay. This is to remind us that there is no excuse for not paying up our debts.

When you are struggling financially, you may be tempted to take up huge loans with the resolve to never pay them up. Taking debts that you know you will not pay is wrong and will further ruin your chances of getting any legal financial help.

St Cajetan implores us to not be greedy but be reasonable while taking debts, and only take debts when it is necessary and we have a payment plan. There are a lot of affordable alternatives that can work for you, hence there is no need to struggle with options that make you pay extremely high rates.

Soon, you will be stable again, and you will need a clean record, try as much to maintain it now.

Seek To Be Granted Heavenly Credit

We tend to be angry and bitter with God when we are going through difficult situations and wonder if He doesn’t feel our pain, despite asking for His help severally.

St Cajetan reminds you not to be anxious about anything in life, but by supplication and prayer with thanksgiving, let God know your requests. The peace of God, which is above all understanding, will guard your mind and heart. We are reminded that the world is also passing away and the worldly wealth we have gathered with time will be meaningless.

So even as we struggle right now, let us not just look at the present but know that there is a price in heaven, which we should aim at. Do not let your seasons determine what kind of person you will be with God.

We think God is good when we experience prosperity and when things are going our way but immediately the shift comes, we detach from him and cease to trust him. Isn’t God good at all times? In sickness and in health?

Believing and having faith in God is highly tested in the face of problems, it is no longer just about talk but rather our actions. St Cajetan insists that it is at this time you should pray most and ask God to open avenues for you, and while at it that He may give you hope, faith and providence. Continually build your relationship with God, and He will release His blessings to you.

Learning New Things To Evade Crisis

In a time when there are many changes all around the world, we have to adapt to the changing trends so that we maintain or elevate our spot. There was a time when the skills we have were very relevant and we were indispensable, but right now we may find it is so hard to even get a low-paying job.

With the rise of technology and organizations cutting costs, it is inevitable for this to happen. The reality dawns on us when we start facing financial problems and realize we have to quickly advance ourselves.

St Cajetan urges you not to be rigid and stuck on the things you knew, but rather embrace what is needed for you to survive. Knowledge is power, you will be surprisingly amazed at how much difference you can make.

If there are new ideas to incorporate in your business, do so, if you need to advance your career, do not hesitate to do so. Tap into the needs of the people in small and big ways and meet their needs by starting a business. Set yourself free, and do not build barriers.

Finally, God is a merciful God. He hears when you call on to him and does not enjoy it when you suffer. He is never late nor early, and He will arrive just in time for your case when you will be sure that if it were not for God, you wouldn’t be where you are.

Allow God to take the glory for lifting you up, because He will. You will get that job, doors will open and you will be able to do things comfortably again. St Cajetan wants you to be positive and work harder. Do not give up; It is your life, lead it because you are the captain of that ship.

 Prayer To St Cajetan

“Oh St Cajetan, divine helper, I implore you to give me strength to push on further. Intercede for me to see the silver lining in this dark cloud. Let my trust in God only increase, until He comes to my rescue. Amen”.

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