St. Benedict – Taking Credit for Your Deeds

The book of Jeremiah 9:23-24 gives us a lesson in pride & humility. It warns the wise against boasting their wisdom, the rich against boasting their riches and the strong from boasting their strength. Instead anyone who seeks to boast should take pride in his God’s righteousness and be proud to be called children of the Lord.

Saint Benedict has come to remind us today that even as we strive to take credit for our deeds we should give all the glory to God for it is through him that all things are possible. Many are they who have gone on to claim credit for the things that the Lord has given without paying him homage, and have been taught a humbling lesson.

What we need to understand is that all greatness comes from Him, and so we should seek to exalt Him in all of our actions. God calls us as he’s vessels so that the world may see his works and manifest his glory through us. We are thus called to acknowledge him as our creator for we are on earth on credit and after our mission our souls shall go back to the lender. 

Leverage Strength From The Lord

When we are feeling weak and helpless, we are prone to accepting any help that comes our way. In such a situation, the devil takes up the opportunity to deceive us into following him offering us false strength. If we are not wise enough to recognize the valid source of our strength we fall into his trap and enjoy the false bliss of comfort yet in reality it is strength built on a weak foundation that cannot stand the test of time. When hit with strong waves, we are deemed to collapse.

Saint Benedict is challenging us to leverage our strength from God for he is the commander in chief of the universe and everything in it. Whenever you are feeling weak, go directly to God through prayer and invite him into your life. He created you and as your father he can never turn you away whenever you bow down to him and call him in humility. The reality of life is that no matter how much our friends or relatives love us, they can only encourage us when we are helpless hoping that we shall get up but it is only in God that we get our strength.

Offer Faith As Collateral

When we seek to loan strength and draw from His graces, the greatest collateral that we can offer is our faith. Remember that everything in our lives – our gifts, talents, strengths and successes are all merely borrowed from God and one day we shall have to return everything to Him.

In the book of 2nd Kings 20, God told Isaiah to go to Hezekiah and tell him to put his house in order for he was going to die. Hezekiah faced the wall and prayed to God telling to remember how he had served him wholeheartedly and faithfully, doing only what was right and pleasing to the Lord.

After that, God sent Isaiah back to Hezekiah to tell him that he had heard his prayer and seen his tears thus he would be added 15 years to his lifetime. If you were required to produce a collateral for your life, would your faith be enough? Like Hezekiah, would you present your goods deeds before the lord and they would change his decision. 

Saint Benedict is challenging us to have faith in God in all circumstances. No matter what happens, our faith in him should never waver. Most of the times when we are facing challenging times, we tend to lose our trust in God. However, if we hold and cling unto our faith, he shall surely come at his own time and bless us abundantly. Faith in God will see us live an admirable and peaceful life for we have the assurance that whatever happens, the Lord sees it all. 

Raise Achievements To God

At the right time, the Lord will surely bless you and make you prosper among nations. No doubt successes are a testament of your talents and hard work. It is also important to give thanks to Him for our achievements that have been made possible.

We are reminded that it is the Lord who blesses and he takes away what he so desires thus we ought to raise our achievements to him. Like Job remained faithful and served God, in the bible, we are called to remain faithful to God during our moments of prosperity as well as in our moments of despair. 

Saint Benedict is appealing to us to give credit to God when he blesses us. He is further reminding us that God is our creator thus he has placed us here on earth on credit after which he shall take our souls back to him. While we exist in the universe on credit, we ought to service our provider by worshiping, adoration, praise and raising all our achievements to him. 

Prayer To Saint Benedict

“Dear Saint Benedict, I thank you for your guidance, protection & blessings in my life.

I beseech thee to help me hold unto my faith in God so that in times of need, my faith may stand up for me as collateral of my blessing.

For when I draw on the reserved strength of the Lord, I know that all things are possible.

With him I can overcome.

I am blessed. I am protected. I am loved.

I will strive to carry out my mission on earth, just as Christ has shown with his example.

Help me to do great things in His name.

St. Benedict, pray for us.”

Amen 🙏

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