St. Nicholas – Protecting Your Harvest

Just like the farmer’s biggest concern is to protect his harvest from pests that damage the crop, so to must we insure our harvest from sabotage attempts or undesirable weeds that will inhibit growth.

St. Nicholas’ message of the day is for us to protect our harvest by having God as our insurer. Everything that we have built and accomplished thus far is a result of God’s mercy and grace, as such we should safeguard them like we are protecting the work of God.

The bible tells us that when the son of man comes back, he will come with a threshold in his hand to separate the wheat from the chaff thus we are called upon to be on the watch and protect our souls so that we do not end up being the chaff.

Planting The Right Seeds

A farmer who plants maize can never wait to reap beans for whatever a man sows. God is the farmer who has placed us in the universe with the expectation that we will produce good fruits. His desire and main purpose for creating us was that we may know him, love him, worship him and eventually get to live with him in eternity when our work here on earth is accomplished. Like a farmer planting seeds in one season and harvesting in the other season, the season will come when God will harvest our souls back hence we need to ensure that we portray that we are the right seeds that he planted.

Sometimes seeds do not bear fruits even when they were the right seeds planted. Just like the biblical story of the vine in the bible, sometimes we are the right seeds planted by God yet we do not produce good fruits. This happens when we allow sin to control us and we run away from the presence of God.

Whenever we reject the offer for God to be our agricultural insurance, the truth is that we will never be able to produce sweet fruits and just like the vine, all we can produce is sour fruits. Today we are challenged to remain in the presence of God and let us grow in him for he is the farmer that planted us thus he knows us entirely. He understands the conditions necessary for all of us to grow and he will surely provide in due time. 

Securing Your Crops

As the plantations of God, we are prone to receiving numerous attacks from pests who work day and night to ensure we bear bad fruits. The devil is the most dangerous pest for he is always on a mission to take us away from the glory of God. His joy lies in ensuring that we do not get to be the partakers of the kingdom of God. He understands that if we are aloof to mature in peace, we have a great reward in heaven yet he does not belong there. 

When God created Adam and Eve and planted them in the garden of Eden with the expectation that they would grow there in harmony, the serpent was the pest that came to attack the beautiful creation. By allowing herself to engage in a dialogue with the serpent, Eve failed to insure herself hence she was prone to being deceived and falling for the trap laid for her.

Saint Nicholas is revealing to us that the devil will always seek to attack us hence we need to be on guard and allow God to be our agricultural insurance for with him we are certain that we are protected and no pest shall harm us. 

The Right Time For Harvest

When we are done with our mission here on earth, we will have to leave this world and make way for others. Most of the time we invest too much in worldly material forgetting that one day when the time of harvest is due, we shall go to meet our creator hence everything else is vanity.

On the day of judgment, the lord shall separate the good harvest from the bad harvest. Everyone shall give an individual account of their actions here on earth and we shall receive different rewards based on the type of harvest that we are. 

Saint Nicholas is revealing to us that we can increase our chances of being a good harvest through obedience to God. Just like a farmer separates wheat from chaff after harvesting, so will God separate us during judgment. To be on the side of the wheat, we need to learn to follow his lead and live as per his desires.

If the Lord calls you, be ready to accept that call immediately and follow what he asks of you for you to be on the side of the wheat. By obedience we receive agricultural insurance and we have the certainty that no harm shall befall us for we shall be the ideal harvest that pleases God. 

Prayer To Saint Nicholas

“Dear Saint Nicholas, I am trusting in the protection of God for my soul for I seek to be on the side of the wheat when the son of man comes to separate wheat from chaff.

I pray that you may give me the grace to stay away from sin which can inhibit my growth and restrict me from being a partaker in the kingdom of God.

Help me to safeguard all that I have accomplished in the name of the Lord.

Never let my harvest fall prey to malicious attacks of the enemy.

And on the day of judgment, allow me to proudly present all that I have done to God.

May he look upon me with favor, and allow me to partake in his heavenly kingdom.

Saint Nicholas, pray for us.”

Amen 🙏

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