St. Gabriel – Maintain the Divine Connection

When God created the universe, he simply spoke the words and everything that we knew was manifested into existence.

But he didn’t just stop there. The moment he created all of us in His image & likeness put the breathed life into our existence, this was the beginning of the divine connection between God and us humans.

We are special because in us resides the breath of God which is our souls. God also gave man dominion over all other creatures thus man was tasked with naming and controlling them.

In case you feel sad, dejected or worthless at times, Saint Gabriel is here to let you know that you have a divine connection with God and his Word lies within you. No matter how bad we feel about ourselves or how much we sin, there will always be the divine spark of God that lives within us.

That is the reason God sent his only son Jesus to die on the cross for our redemption. By the blood of Jesus on Calvary, the relationship between God and us was rekindled and thus our connection was revived as we claim our place as God’s children.

The Source Of All Goodness

God is not only good but he is the sole source of all the goodness that exists in the universe. Many times we disobey him, sin, and even run away from his presence yet he is a loving father who comes in search of us.

Like sheep, we run away from the safety of our shepherd and risk getting mauled by the wolves out there, yet our good shepherd leaves all the sheep in safety and comes out seeking us who are lost. He protects us and ensures we get back safely without judging us or scolding us for disconnecting from him. 

Saint Gabriel is encouraging us to take advantage of the goodness of God for he rewards his faithful ones. While it may seem adventurous to leave his presence, we are called upon to remain in his presence and serve him for all the days of our lives and he will surely bless us and remember our good deeds.

We are reminded that he loves us so much that he sent his only son to die on the cross just so our connection could be restored. Even when we sin and come back to him in repentance and having made the resolution not to sin again, he is always ready to welcome us with open arms and overlook our past mistakes. 

Connecting God To Others

When you get to the top, do not forget the people that were with you at the bottom thus you have the responsibility to pass unto them the ladder to climb up too. In the bible, when Jesus was choosing his disciples, Philip went and called out his brother Nathaniel and informed him of the man who was performing miracles. While Nathaniel wondered what good would ever come out of Nazareth, Philip took him to Jesus and he became a disciple. 

Today Saint Gabriel is informing us that we have the responsibility of connecting God to other people. By virtue of knowing Christ and being his children, we are called out to spread the gospel to non-believers. Like a phone running out of battery, most people in the world are spiritually dead while others are running out of charge. While Christ is the source of replenishment, we are called upon to be the chargers and connect others to God who is the power source. 

Your Network of Saints

Sometimes we feel like our access to God is limited, especially when he does not respond or render his aid immediately. Instead of feeling impatient or rejected, understand that our connection to God is influenced by many of the thoughts & actions in our lives. The heavens have been gracious enough to provide us with a network of saints who are always ready to come to our aid whenever we call out to them and grant us our petitions.  

Before complaining that the heavens have been silent to our cries and pleas, we are called upon to utilize the network of saints that we have. We are lucky that all the saints have their specific functions hence there is always a saint ready for any special prayer that we make. We also have angels who are always ready to come to our aid whenever we are in trouble or any time we need them. 

Prayer for Saint Gabriel’s Guidance and Intercession

“Dear Saint Gabriel, I thank you for reminding me of how special I am and that I have a divine connection with God.

I call upon your assistance that you may help me maintain a special connection with God and take up my responsibility of connecting others to him.

I beseech thee to always come to my aid whenever I call out to you.”


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“For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them.”

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