St. Isaiah – Making Claims From The Heavenly Insurer

At times it is not easy to trust in the promises of the Lord due to the challenges that we come across. Most times we lose our faith and our way with God in times of adversities.

St. Isaiah comes to us to guide us on how to remain undeterred by the life challenges. Today he is reminding us to insure our lives with God so that when the storms of life come knocking us down, we may make claims on God to protect us. He is assuring us of his presence to intercede for us in every step of our journey.

Make Wise Investment Choices

Sometimes we feel lost and surrounded by great darkness as we have invested in the wrong things that go against the desires and wishes of the Most High. It is easy for us to be swayed to fulfilling the desires of the flesh and to conform to the ways of the world which opposes the desires of the spirit and this blocks us from enjoying the great relationship with God and strips us of making any claims to the great rewards promised to us in heaven.

St. Isaiah is calling out for us to remind us of how important it is to invest in those activities that please God as those that shall secure our future in the mortal world and the life after and guarantees us of acquiring the great rewards and claims that have been set up for us in heaven. If there comes a time you feel lost and weak, call unto the St. Isaiah to guide you in the right direction that secures the power to claim that which God has in store for you in heaven.

He is urging you to lay-out a proper investment plan that shall help you evade failure and loss as investing in the worldly ways exposes you and sets you up to suffering and destruction. He assures you that he intercedes for you that you may make the right investment strategies in your life that secures you a great relationship with God and those aligned to your path.

Employ Fool Proof Insurance Strategy

Just as you take on insurance cover policy to protect your assets and loved ones, you should insure your life, health and family with God as well. Operating without God’s insurance cover is like driving a car without insurance such that when the car is involved in an accident it shall incur damage and the owner will have the financial responsibility to fix the loss that will create a huge burden and strain on the car owner. 

St. Isaiah is calling upon you to insure your life and everything you value with God to protect you from damage as you are unaware of when calamities will strike and befall you. The enemy is always on the lookout for when you have fallen from the favor of God and for the times you have lost your way with the God to create more problems, strain, and damage to you. He gladdens you when you are suffering and exposed to damage and destruction. 

St. Isaiah is asking you to employ a fool proof insurance strategy with God that shall protect you and your loved ones from the evil destructive plans of the enemy. If there comes a time you fall short of God’s presence in your life, rethink fast and strive to mend your relationship with God before the enemy takes advantage of your condition and does more damage to you. Call upon St. Isaiah to intercede for you to the heavenly insurer so that you may claim over the rewards that have been set up for you in heaven.

Let St. Isaiah Be Your Claims Consultant

There are those times we feel unfulfilled, lost, and surrounded by darkness. We run short on faith in God due to the challenges we go through and that makes us lose our relationship and way with God. In those times you feel that you doubt God’s promises for you due to your life circumstances at the moment, call upon the St. Isaiah to strengthen your faith in God. Consult him and he shall confirm to you that God is faithful to those that are faithful to him and therefore living in faith in God despite challenges here and shall have you secure the rewards and claims God have in store for you. 

St. Isaiah is here to remind you of God’s great promises to you that shall be fulfilled to you when you play out your part by living righteously in the way you honor and serve God. Today the saint is reminding you of God’s love despite your shortcomings and how ready he always is to fulfill the promises of those that trust in him. As your claim consultant, St. Isaiah assures you that the claims that have been set up for you by God will be yours once you live in the way that honors the insurance cover policy that you have taken on with the Almighty.

Prayer For Intercession

“Dear St. Isaiah, I am grateful for equipping me with knowledge that guides me towards living a life that secures me the claims entrusted to me by God in heaven.

I trust in your intercession that shall have me receive favor from the universe that shall help me defeat all that is meant to bring destruction to me and my loved ones.”

🙏 Amen 🙏

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