St. Nicholas – Receive This Charitable Donation

In this beautiful and bright morning, you have been blessed with the Lord’s abundant blessings. St. Nicholas comes bearing a joyous message that you shall be open to receiving divine aid in all forms today – be it physical & spiritual protection, financial aid, healing or miracles. In order to benefit fully from you must open your hearts to God and give back by sharing with others.

For as scripture says:

Whoever is generous to the poor lends to the Lord, and he will repay him for his deed. - Proverbs 19:17

Sometimes when we desperately need assistance, our emotions take hold of our thoughts and we subconsciously focus on the negativity in our lives. Negativity is a virus that spreads rapidly and may even disconnect us from the donations that God has already put in place for us. Instead of feeling that we are lacking in any way, strive to always start the day with positive thoughts, affirmations and thankfulness.

When we overcome negativity and steel our hearts in faith, we shall be unrestrained in receiving donations in all aspects of our life. The joyfulness and abundance that we experience soon after flows from our Christ who heals the sick and comforts those who seek Him.

Donate Your Thoughts At The Start of the Day

What does it mean to open our hearts to receiving all the generous donations that shall pour in from the grace of God during the day?

How you start the day is actually way more important than you think and it comes down to what areas we donate our thoughts to right from the moment that we wake.

The best contribution that we can make to a positive disposition in the morning is to always begin with a mindset of thankfulness. This can have a huge impact on how our day plays out, the way we interact with others, and ultimately whether or not we achieve our goals.

Mornings are the best time to collect your thoughts and give thanks to the Lord for his presence in our lives.

Allocating Our Time Investments

Make no mistake, every action that we take throughout the day is actually an investment in the future. Before jumping out of bed and getting whisked away in the hustle and bustle, take a minute or two to plan out your day so that you can properly allocate your time to the things are most important for you.

It’s as simple as writing down your task list (or you can also use your smartphone calendar or a task app). This simple ritual can really jumpstart your productivity & bring so many opportunities that God has planned for you into your life. In fact, it’s best to incorporate this at the start of your day together with a prayer!

Request the Gifts You Require from the Lord

If there’s any particular problem or perhaps a big milestone that you wish to accomplish today, call upon the Lord to send down the gifts that you require in order to accomplish your task!

The most important gifts aren’t those in the physical sense, but rather the gifts of wisdom, humility, and persistence that will put us in the right frame of mind to achieve great feats.

As long as we remember that whatever we accomplish with His blessings should be made with the intentions of contributing to the glory of God’s name.

Show Charity to Others

The Lord loves a cheerful giver and He is never too far away to send lovely surprises when He sees that we are putting our hearts into helping others as well!

This doesn’t mean that we help others just because we wish to receive something in return, instead the key message here is that everything comes in a full circle. Charity isn’t a one-way street, but rather an entire network founded upon love – one that embodies the virtues which Christ has taught us.

Just as we receive the kind donations from our Lord and from people around us, so to must we put back into this beautiful ecosystem of charity and kindness. Small steps help to make the world a better place for us to live in as well as to set the foundation for generations to come.

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“For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them.”

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