Our Lady of Lourdes – There Will Be A Promising Future For You, And You Shall Host The Lord In Your Home. Free Up Capacity to Connect With Me Today…

I Want A Stable Connection With You

Dear child, when you where still in your mother’s womb God already had great plans for you. I have watched you grown and flourish. I see the pain that you have suffered, and the sacrifices that you have made to get to where you are. I understand the struggles and challenges that you face, for I too have known hardship and suffering.

But I have also experienced the love and salvation of God, and just like He had a masterplan for me to spread His word to others, so to does He yearn for you. I am calling upon you to trust in him and have faith, for he will guide you and give you the strength and courage you need to overcome any obstacle.

I know that life can be difficult at times and that you may feel lost or uncertain. But know that I am always with you, watching over you and praying for you. Through the years, I have never ceased to offer my love and maternal protection.

To increase the frequency of blessings you need to ensure that you are in constant connection with God’s graces.

Host Christ, Speak The Frequency of Love

Many claim they seek the blessings of the Lord, but not every one has made themselves ready to receive him into their home and hearts. This is my biggest fear for my children, that they claim to accept God but are operating at a different frequency. The only channel that you need to host in your hearts is that of love.

Dear child of God, do you believe that you are one in the body of Christ? He alone is the everlasting host that brings the light into our lives. When you feel like you’ve reached the limits of our capacity, know that you can also count on Him to carry you through.

“Behold the handmaid of the Lord; be it unto me according to thy word.”

When I spoke these words I could not yet fully comprehend the magnitude of God’s masterplan for our salvation. I did not know that I would be the host for the saviour of the world, but I placed my faith and hope in His promises.

My beloved one, how often do you accept the plans of God in your life? Do you seek to only realize your desires without considering the everlasting plans that God has for you? I am calling you today because I know that you are headstrong and hold strong passion for the things you love. But there is no greater love that can much the Lord’s, and I want you to know that as you go about your day.

If God was willing to sacrifice His son for your sake, my beloved child, do you not thing that he would do anything for you as long as it was for your long-term benefit?

God Is a Dedicated Host

If you understood the amount of love God has for each one of you, you would never distance yourself from him. His objective is for everyone to be jubilant from the chance granted of being alive. He desires to welcome every single soul into His everlasting kingdom.

Sometimes life’s situations may cause you to feel bitter and questioning the Lord’s presence. I am here to let you know that God’s timing will always be the best. He is not ignoring you but instead making plans to bring you to greater heights. 

He is a dedicated host who is not enchanted by seeing you suffer. He pledges to fulfill all the promises he has made to everyone who opts for his path. His supplication will always be upon those who seek him as their host. 

According to Mathew 6:26, it states that, “if the birds of the air do not know how to sow or harvest and the Lord finds a way to feed them, what of you who is of much significance to him.” This proves his dedication to see you live an impactful life. Embrace him in your life and witness an upgrade along with new beginnings.

Remember that you are not alone. I am with you, along with the angels and the saints, and we are all praying for you. Turn to us in times of need and ask for our intercession. We will lift you up to God and plead on your behalf. May the love and peace of Christ be with you always.

Let Us Pray

“Our God and father, I appreciate your willingness to host us regardless of propensity to commit sin. Please forgive me for sometimes choosing earthly comforts over the teachings of Christ. I invite you to take control of my life and show me the right path. I know that you have great plans for me to prosper and to share in your everlasting kingdom. Our Lady, full of grace, pray for us who are in need of your aid. Amen.”

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“For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them.”

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